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Bringing FinTech to the Philippines & Federally Compliant CBD Franchises to the US, Biz Incubate is on the Move

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Bringing FinTech to the Philippines & Federally Compliant CBD Franchises to the US, Biz Incubate is on the Move

November 18
22:57 2020
Biz Incubate, a company that creates tailored solutions to connect businesses to the modern generation, now signs a contract with Makeba Inc. This contract will pave the way in securing partnerships in the Philippines with on-ground support from the Roxas Foundation, giving financial technology access to 7 million users. Furthermore, a subsidiary of Biz Incubate, Dailee Holdings LLC, has been approved as the only federally legal and certified CBD retail franchisor in the United States.

California, USA – Helping businesses adapt to the new normal created by COVID-19, Biz Incubate offers full service idea to endpoint incubation. Connecting people of any generation and empowering businesses like never before, Biz Incubate helps businesses prepare for a post-Covid world. Biz Incubate provides services such as branding, technology integration, business incubation, web hosting and now also provides PPE to those at the first line of defense. Biz Incubate caters to the modern generation’s digital needs, and helps their ideas turn into realities.

Biz Incubate and Makeba Inc signed a contract to bring financial stability to rural Philippines. The Philippines, with $32 billion in inbound annual remittances, is a major incremental revenue opportunity outside of their initial market coverage of Africa, the European Union, and the United States. By introducing FinTech, crowdfunding platforms, mobile payments, budgeting apps, and other related services, the poverty line of the Philippines can be greatly reduced. Biz Incubate encourages people to take part in technological advancements, which is the world’s future.

Dailee Holdings LLC, a subsidiary of Biz Incubate, is a holding company for the CBD franchise New Remedies. Dailee Holdings LLC is the only federally compliant CBD Franchisor, and is the only Federally Certified CBD retail franchisor in California. Dailee Holdings is also licensed in 32 other states as a Federally compliant franchisor. Dailee Holdings partnered with Westfield Mall Corporation who trusts the New Remedies brand to sell compliant CBD non-consumables. The New Remedies Kiosk Franchise guarantees placement in any Westfield mall. Dailee Holdings also offers contactless technology franchise opportunities in the form of a Vending Machine, or Digital Approach Kiosk to combat the conflicts created by Covid-19 to the retail industry.

With its inception in 2018, Biz Incubates rapid expansion now stretches to international endeavours. Their mission, to connect people with businesses creates a mutually beneficial, and replicable business model that utilizes a proprietary business strategy rooted in Network Capital. Biz Incubate creates validation, fulfilment, and success for each project’s participants. Biz Incubate now has equity partners or subsidiaries in the Tattoo Space, CBD, Entertainment, Augmented Reality, Over the Counter Medicines, FinTech, Fitness, Health and Wellness.

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