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Introducing Yash Shah: A Young Entrepreneur’s E-commerce Success Story

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Introducing Yash Shah: A Young Entrepreneur’s E-commerce Success Story

November 21
16:24 2020
How he made E-commerce into a full time, six-figure income out of college.

E-commerce has been around for decades, but not many businesses are able to maximize the advantages of having an online platform until recently. While going online may not have been in the immediate plans of some businesses before the pandemic, Yash Shah had already made a name for himself in the lucrative world of E-commerce. His E-commerce ventures are all documented in his YouTube channel.

During his undergraduate years at Rutgers University, Shah chanced upon a YouTube ad for dropshipping while he was working his corporate internship. Dropshipping is a retail business model wherein the seller accepts customer orders but does not keep goods sold in stock. The goods are purchased by a supplier which directly ships the items to the customer.

Determined to learn more, Shah pored over countless YouTube videos and asked people around about the industry. He discovered that there is so much information that can be used to learn how to effectively adapt the dropshipping business model, as well as other E-commerce related content.

He eventually created the E-Comm Masterminds Incubator Playbook, which is a great asset for anyone wanting to get started into the E-Commerce Dropshipping space.

Not long after putting what he learned into action, Shah employed Instagram Influencer marketing to advertise and drive traffic to his store. After spending substantial amounts in advertising costs for his businesses, Shah transitioned into using Facebook Ads to drive traffic and sales. He eventually put up his own digital marketing agency, called StraightLine Media, to help small and medium sized businesses save on marketing costs, while still driving traffic to their websites.

StraightLine Media specializes in website development and optimization; lead generation; Facebook and Instagram marketing; and other digital services for small and medium sized E-commerce businesses.

Shah’s success has made him passionate about educating others on how they can successfully break into E-commerce. “Never let anyone tell you can’t do something, if they never did it,” says Shah.

More information on Yash Shah can be found at his Facebook and Instagram page.

About Yash Shah

Yash Shah is the founder and owner of StraightLine Media. He also builds and operates six-figure dropshipping businesses; as well as consult and educate people in the space about E-commerce.

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