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United Power Partners Talk About Helping San Diego Neighbors Fight Against Expensive Utility Bills

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United Power Partners Talk About Helping San Diego Neighbors Fight Against Expensive Utility Bills

February 24
16:47 2022

U.S residents have seen the biggest jump in their energy bills in more than a decade, and with the world currently being unstable with tensions between Russia, The Ukraine and NATO, energy bills will continue to increase.

The rise of energy bill has become a huge problem. A recent report found that the rise in energy bills has become such a huge problem that in 2021, 20% of residents in the U.S could not afford to pay their energy bills.

Although the rise in energy bills and electricity bills is a national problem, those hit the hardest are those living in San Diego. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, residents in San Diego paid 36.5 cents per kilowatt-hour in November and December 2021. That means those living in San Diego is paying more for their energy bills than anyone else in the country.

There is an alternative to the rise in energy bills and that is solar power. The founder of United Power Partners who is an expert in residential Solar systems is trying to make homeowners of San Diego aware that they don’t have to be tied into the constant rise of SDGE bills.

We decided to sit down with the founder of United Power Partners to learn more, and this is what he had to say.

First of all, please introduce yourself.

I’m known as Dan (the solar man) Weik, founder of living in Southern California’s beautiful San Diego. I have a passion for helping families save money, going green, and making new friends along the way.

Who and what is United Power Partners?

United Power Partners is a San Diego based solar company with a dream of making every southern California home sustainable; to achieve this goal, we want to show everyone that not only is it possible to power your home easily and safely through the power of the sun but going green today helps give our children a healthier, cleaner world tomorrow.

We are a company with an eye on the future, where sustainability, technology, safety, and conscious energy consumption are our principles. Through rooftop and ground-mount solar, we deliver our customers complete solutions for solar energy generation to be energy independent. As a result, we can produce an abundance of power, clean air, and clean energy for less than half the price of current utility bills.

San Diego has the highest energy bills in the USA, why is that?

There are many reasons why SDGE electric costs are the highest in the country, primarily due to no nuclear power source in southern California, so SDGE is purchasing and importing power from across state lines; Nevada, Arizona, and even Mexico. High price transmission and distribution fees can easily double your electrical cost. Meaning your electric bill may be $100, but your actual electrical cost may only be $30-40, so the remaining balance is what we like to call shipping and handling fees. It’s like buying a $30 product from Amazon, and it costs $70 to ship it to you. Additionally, there are wildfire mitigations costs, changing wooden poles to steel poles, underground power lines, and other measures. California’s Grid infrastructure upgraded is priced at $30 billion alone to support one million EV cars by 2030. Who do you think is going to pay for all that? We the people, California homeowners, the utility customer through endless increasing electricity bills.

A lot of people are confused how solar panels work; can you explain?

Solar panels convert sunlight on sunny days and UV rays on cloudy days into an electricity for your home is the simple answer. Excess energy is stored in battery backups or sent to the grid as credits. Those credits will be used to use power your home during sundown.

What are the benefits of having a solar panel fitted on a residential property?

This question is why I’m so passionate about solar. The benefits of solar power allow you to live freely in ways you wouldn’t without solar, i.e., turn on the A/C and leave the windows open, or heat your pool and jacuzzi as hot as you’d like without worrying about the cost. You can charge your EV without additional expense. Clean energy means clean air; you’re reducing your carbon footprint, plus skip the never-ending price hikes of your local utility and help stop forest fires from transmission lines and burning fossil fuels that harm our environment. All these benefits with a cherry on top; let the sun pay your bills and reduce 40-60% monthly electrical costs without any startup cost, make money the first month.

One thing that people worry about is the cost of having a solar panel fitted, are there any federal grants to help with the cost? Solar cost is usually a top concern out of the gate, but what most of our clients have found is that if you’re going to get solar panels “someday,” then that day should be today. At the start of 2020, Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) decreased from 30% to 26%, so Federal incentives show no signs of improving beyond 2022! The CPUC is working in tandem with top electrical providers, and it’s an all-out war against saving residential rooftop solar right now; it’s all over the news constantly. Those who hesitate to jump aboard solar this year will be paying heavy prices next year, with non-consumer-friendly incentives and taxes that don’t exist as today. It’s so unfortunate that monopolies like SDGE even dare to discourage San Diego homeowners from going solar with threats of the most significant solar tax in US History that could potentially remove the 40-60% savings we offer our clients today. We won’t be able to hold off these powerful monopolies forever, so get it while the gettin’ is good!

How soon can someone see a difference in their energy bills once they have a solar panel installed?

For the 90 percentile, most projects take approx. 20-30 days after installation to get (PTO) Permission To Operate from your local utility. Of course, when additional work like adding a new main electrical panel to your home is required, Covid has created supply-demand issues nationwide that have made timelines longer than usual.

If someone came to your company and asked for a solar panel to be installed, how long would it take?

Typically 30-35 days is our running average.

Are there any planned regulations that a homeowner must apply for to have a solar panel installed?

Yes, all new California homes built after 2020 must install (PV) photovoltaic systems. By 2030, at least 50% of California’s energy must come from noncarbon-producing sources like residential rooftop solar. So why not adopt solar for your home now, before incredible federal incentives disappear, and you’ll be fighting mandate surges, higher prices, and higher taxes. Get your home grandfathered in today’s rates, and you’ll be forever grateful you did.

I have heard that having solar panels installed on a property can increase its value. Is that true?

Yes, it’s true. published some sales stats after researching homes that sold with solar and without and found out that homes with solar sold for an average of 4.1% more and sold faster. 80% of homebuyers said energy-efficient homes are most important, according to Zillow’s study. So that would make the average dime-per-dozen million-dollar home in San Diego increase an additional $41,000.

All that, and you still save 40-60% off your current electric bill and make money from your first month. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

One last important question, energy bills continue to rise, which leaves millions of families around the USA concerned. Can you see a time when bills will reduce, or will they continue to rise?

Rates will not stop increasing in San Diego for all the reasons I’ve mentioned above. San Diegan’s should not expect a break till at least 2030, the projected date of mandates and 30-billion-dollar grid improvements. Let’s not forget to mention the one million EV charging stations that the 30 billion doesn’t even cover. Rates historically have increased 4-10% year after year in San Diego; residents are in for an escalating sticker shock if they don’t take control of their home’s power needs with solar.

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