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PathDAO – Bringing Millions To the Metaverse

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PathDAO – Bringing Millions To the Metaverse

February 24
20:46 2022

PathDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that creates value for investors and players in the growing blockchain metaverse through gaming and social Non-Fungible tokens (NFT’s).

To be part of the DAO’s success, native token $PATH can be bought on Uniswap DEX and MEXC CEX.

An estimated 200% staking APR is expected on the 1 billion total token supply offering for Q1 2022. All funds raised during the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) will be channeled into the PathDao treasury.

By being at the forefront of innovation in the blockchain gaming and metaverse ecosystems PathDao plans to continually deliver Alpha.

Alpha is one of the five major risk management indicators for mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. This plans to ensure investors that an asset will consistently perform better than its beta predicts.

PathDao’s key feature is offering Play-To-Earn (P2E) gaming scholarships with profit-sharing to users who cannot afford the initial capital investment to start their teams. A prime example of this is the Axie Infinity scholarships where earnings are split 70% to scholars, 15% to managers, and 15% retained by Pathdao.

The performance dashboard function tracks the daily earnings of all scholars across all subDAOS (all game ecosystems), accounting (yield from treasury, inflow, and outflow of funds), the latest market value of PathDAO assets, players historical gaming performance and future earnings potential.

A vast majority of P2E gamers are underbanked. The performance dashboard enables PathDAO to pioneer on-ramp financial service adoption for this sector of users.

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The company has more than 5000 scholars in the Axie, Vulcan Forged, and League of Kingdoms, Thetan Arena, Mini Royale ecosystems. By providing the community with promising and fun games, PathDao seeks to continually expand gaming value for both players and game creators.

The executive team comprises 30 world-class members experienced in guilds, blockchain, and operations.

The founding team’s background comes in the form of technology companies, finance and management consulting. This contributes to understanding the importance of users’ real-time data and data-driven decision-making.

PathDao will be able to offer insurance, micro-loans, investment, money transfer services to scholars and the wider P2E community through partnerships with Financial Technology (Fin-Tech) and other institutions.

Once in operation, PathDao governance will be activated to unlock investment council elections, token strategies, and subsequent project launches.

Read a tweet regarding the launch of a Liquidity Pool (LP) farm/incentive on Uniswap v2 for PATH/ETH pair here: 

PathDao is developing a Game Launchpad for the metaverse Initial Game Offering (IGO) in 2022. They will offer marketing support from in-house content influencers to generate marketing content across all social media channels to the wider community.

The platform plans to play a key role in the future of metaverse gaming by adding value to gamers, creators, and investors.

Visit the official website to learn:

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