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Speech at Promotion Conference for Winter Tourism Product in Heilongjiang Province

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Speech at Promotion Conference for Winter Tourism Product in Heilongjiang Province

February 25
00:58 2022

Heilongjiang is the earliest province in China to develop and run ice-and-snow business, and it is the birth place of China’s modern ice-and-snow tourism industry. The unique ice and snow resources, original ice and snow art, and fantastic ice and snow scenery have earned Heilongjiang the reputation of “Crown of Ice and Snow”. In recent years, the provincial party committee and the provincial government have conscientiously implemented the development concept of General Secretary Xi Jinping, “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, and so are ice and snow resources”. By aiming at constructing China’s top ice and snow tourism destination and an international ice and snow tourism resort, ice and snow tourism had been deeply integrated with ice and snow culture, ice and snow sports and other fields. A number of well-known ice and snow tourism destinations and boutique ice and snow tourism routes had been created, making “cold resources” a “hot industry”. This winter, taking the opportunity of Beijing Winter Olympic Games and promoting China’s goal of “making 300 million people to join the ice-and-snow sports”, we have prepared a series of ice and snow feasts and activities with the theme of “Winter Olympics in Beijing and Winter Tourism in Longjiang” and invite tourists from all over the country to come to Heilongjiang for sightseeing and have fun in ice and snow.

Ⅰ. Create a variety of winter tourism products, highlighting the unique charm of ice and snow in Longjiang

Focusing on “Ice and Snow in Longjiang, A Contribution to the Winter Olympics”, and taking ice and snow venues, ice and snow experience, ice and snow events, ice and snow culture, ice and snow routes as the key, it has launched three major ice and snow tourism themed products, five key ice and snow tourism cities, and six Ice and snow tourism boutique routes, fifteen must-go and must-see places for ice and snow tourism.

(1) Three major ice and snow tourism themed products. It has integrated and launched three major themed products: ice and snow sightseeing, ice and snow experience, and ice and snow culture. Ice and snow sightseeing products cover ice and snow art and scenery. You can tour around Ice & Snow World in Harbin, visit the China Snow Town, and admire the crane dance in snowfield. The ice and snow experience products combine alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snow crossing, ice fishing, and snow hot springs. You can experience the ultimate pleasure of ice and snow entertainment. Ice and snow cultural products include ice and snow performances, ice and snow folk customs, and ice and snow exhibitions. You can enjoy the only ice performance in China – “Longjiang Ice Show” and the only intangible cultural heritage with ice and snow as the theme – Heilongjiang Ice and Snow Intangible Cultural Heritage.

(2) Five key ice and snow tourism cities. If the “Crown of Ice and Snow” Heilongjiang is a fairy tale world, then the five major ice and snow cities are the keys to unlocking the fairy tale world. “Ice City” Harbin ranks first among “China’s Top Ten Ice and Snow Tourism Cities” and is known as “the pearl on the ice and snow crown”. In the “Snow City” Mudanjiang, you can “enjoy” the snow village view, “admire” the ice waterfall diving, “feel” the mightiness of tiger in winter, and step on the “Tracks in the Snow Forest”. Yichun, the “capital of ice and snow forest”, abound with ice and snow wonders and fun experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the fun of ice and snow. Heihe, known as “Sino-Russian Twin Cities”, faces Russia across the river. Winter is the most beautiful and charming season in Heihe, with its purity, tranquility and serenity. Mohe with ” the statue of northern of China “ is the northernmost and coldest place in the motherland. If you are lucky, you can encounter the unpredictable Northern Lights here.

(3) Six boutique ice and snow tourism routes. Combining with the key ice and snow tourism cities, we have planned six boutique winter tourism routes based on the urban location characteristics and current popular spot: the east line explores the mysteries of the snow land, you can experience the joy of speeding in the snow field in Yabuli, and admire the charming snow scenery in the snow village; In west line you can appreciate the crane dance in snowfield, and experience the hot springs in the snow in Daqing, enjoy the flying cranes view in the snow and taste Qiqihar barbecue in Zhalong; In centre line you can experience the ice and snow forest, feel the power and mystery of the ice and snow forest in Yichun, and admire the volcanic ice and snow view in Wudalianchi scenic area; In northern line you can go for the statue of northern of China, find the lost direction, and experience the spectacular scene of thousands of people splashing water into ice; In the northeast line you can visit the winter of the East Pole, and go to Fuyuan in Jiamusi city to chase the first ray of sun of the motherland. On the route featuring the movie “Impasse “, you can follow the movie scenes and visit the Hengdaohezi style town and the century-old buildings in Harbin.

(4) Fifteen must-see and must-visit places for ice-and-snow tourism. Walking on the six ice and snow tourism routes, you can visit 15 most distinctive ice-and-snow scenic spots such as the world’s largest ice and snow theme park – Ice & Snow World in Harbin, the world’s largest snow sculpture art group – Harbin Sun Island Snow Sculpture Expo, China’s ski tourism destination – Yabuli Ski Resort, China’s most snowy place – China Snow Village, China’s largest ice waterfall – Jingbo Lake, China’s only red-crowned crane habitat in ice and snow – Zhalong Eco-tourism area, China’s most arctic place – Mohe Arctic Village, Volcanic Ice and Snow Scenic Spots – Wudalianchi, Grand View Garden for Ice and Snow Activities – Songhua River Ice and Snow Carnival, Polar Theme Show Amusement Park – Harbin Polar Park, Fairy Tale Ice and Snow Amusement Park – Harbin Sunac Park, Russian Cultural Experience Site – Volga Manor, Exotic Buildings Cluster – Central European Style Tourist Area, Alpine Snow Valley – Phoenix Mountain, Sino-Russian Border Island – Heixiazi Island.

Ⅱ. To launch series of benefit-the-people initiatives with ice-and-snow tourism, and to fully show Longjiang’s sincerity of opening doors and welcoming guests.

In this year, as an active response to the impact by the COVID-19 pandemic, every key ice-and-snow tourism city across the province has launched a series of preferential policies. Harbin recently launched some policies aimed at stabilizing production and operation, bringing the industries including culture, sports, entertainment and tourism into the supporting range of 400million-worth government-sponsored consumption coupons and leading and encouraging market entities to have promotion activities. The skiing fields over Level S and private accommodation companies with different characteristics in Yichun have jointly launched promotion programs for tourism consumption, named “Fun Ice, Fun trip in Yichun”. And also, Mudanjiang city will promote “Limitless Travel Annual Membership” to all citizens and apply “One-Card-For-All” to all tourist spots inside the city. Another two cities, Heihe and Mohe will also promote relevant preferential policies. Ice & Snow World in Harbin and Snow Exhibition on Sun Island not only offer free admission to eligible children, senior citizens, servicemen, fire fighters and rescue workers, but also will be open for free for medical teams from Hebei, Liaoning and Jilin provinces who provided assistance for Harbin, the staff that has made significant contribution to pandemic prevention in Harbin and all police men across the country. A variety of preferential initiatives with different levels were launched for many signature tourist spots, such as Songhua River Cable, Harbin Polarland, Volga Manor and Skiing Field in Sun & Moon Valley of Yichun to welcome the guests from different parts of the world to engage in ice and snow activities, to experience them and enjoy them.

Ⅲ. To launch cultural activities with ice and snow elements, and to present Longjiang city’s glamour with integrated culture and tourism.

Over the busy season of ice-and-snow tourism, all cities in Heilongjiang Province will combine the 8th National Public Ice and Snow Season with the 6th National Ice and Snow Activity Day in our province and carry out a series of cultural activities under the theme of “Icy and Snowy World, Happy and Enjoyable Life”, including dancing, painting, calligraphy, photography, reciting and music-playing and fashion shows, etc. This will inject cultural spirit and fashionable elements into winter tourism and also to help culture and tourism benefit mutually and exert more vitality. Relying on state-owned art troupes and together with excellent performing groups from the society, the first type of activities will aim to create high-level permanent shows that can be performed throughout the whole winter tourist season and integrate ice-and-snow culture, historical culture and regional culture to improve the content of winter tourism and create an atmosphere of culture and art. The plan is to launch over 300 art performances involving various art forms, including music, theatrical shows, Chinese traditional folk art, dances and children’s play, etc. to meet the diverse cultural and spiritual needs of citizens and tourists. The second type of activities will involve cooperating with Heilongjiang Provincial Press Corporation and cohosting the 2nd Festival of Ice & Snow Non-tangible Cultural Heritage and evaluate and select the Person of the Year of Longjiang Non-tangible Cultural Heritage. Meanwhile, 40 representative non-tangible cultural heritage projects will be selected, such as paper-cutting artefacts, ice-sculpting and traditional dishes to promote the livestreaming of New Year Festival activity in hometown featuring “Our Chinese Dream” – “Taking Culture into All Families” to create a happy and peaceful Chinese New Year atmosphere across the whole province so that residents can feel the strong Chinese New Year atmosphere even when epidemic control and prevention becoming normalized. The third type of activities will be launching five kinds of exhibitions by museums and memorial halls across the province, including a historical artifacts exhibition – “Tiger in the year of Tiger”, an exhibition of ice-made art – “The Grand Beauty of Longjiang” and a non-tangible cultural heritage exhibition – “The Folk Customs from the North” and a serial exhibition called “The Glamour of Black Earth” and patriotism-related education exhibition – “Four Grand Spirits of Heilongjiang”, and over 100 online and offline exhibitions and promotion and education activities, all of which will bring unique cultural experience to the citizens and tourists.

“Dear friends, Heilongjiang has a very advanced transportation system that includes 13 airports, and over 340 domestic and international airlines have opened. Over 4 high speed railways were built that can connect, which all makes it possible for you to embark on a wonderful journey whenever you want. We sincerely invite all tourists to come to Heilongjiang for your winter time. Here you will experience the charm of the coldest winter, admire the most romantic ice-built scenery, participate in the most thrilling ice-and-snow sports and feel the unparalleled glamour of the crown of ice and snow.

“Heilongjiang is also the hometown of Siberian Tiger. Welcome to all of you to see the tigers in the year of Tiger. I will be waiting for you in Heilongjiang!

“Thank you all!”

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