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Remotely SSH IoT devices with IoT management platform

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Remotely SSH IoT devices with IoT management platform

February 24
20:05 2022

As the Internet of Things continues to grow, companies are working to deploy and maintain IoT devices remotely. RemoteIoT provides an out-of-the-box device management platform. This platform can help solution developers shorten development and testing time to bring products to market in a timely manner. Additionally, the future-proof architecture enables companies to easily roll out large-scale deployments and accelerate future growth of IoT solutions. Now let’s look at some of the main benefits of RemoteIoT platform.

1. SSH IoT devices

Remote SSH access is the key to monitoring, controlling, and debugging industrial machinery, automobiles, and home automation devices from far-flung remote locations, as humans cannot access these devices at any given moment. RemoteIoT provides a cloud-based IoT platform that enables companies to remotely connect, log in, configure, debug, upgrade, monitor and manage millions of IoTs. User can remotely manage and control a fleet of Raspberry Pi over the cloud easily!

2. Monitor IoT devices

As companies scale their IoT deployments to hundreds or even thousands of geographically dispersed nodes, manual troubleshooting methods are inefficient, costly, or nearly impossible. On the other hand, if the endpoint is completely unattended, user may not receive business-critical data when they need it most.

Real-time visibility into incoming data, battery levels, and keep-alive messages from individual nodes enables developers to immediately identify and determine the root cause of bottlenecks. For example, if a node is intermittently unable to deliver messages, it could mean that the radio is overloaded.

3. Update IoT devices

For physical update limitations, RemoteIoT provides OTA updates for companies to remotely update IoT devices via wireless communication media such as the Internet. The update process checks their integrity to verify that the update package was not corrupted in transit. This should be a fundamentally implemented security feature for any IoT device update system.


The RemoteIoT IoT platform allows companies to focus on their core expertise, easily deploy devices at scale, and effectively reduce costs.

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