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CE DAO’s top 100 communities join forces to get rich together

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CE DAO’s top 100 communities join forces to get rich together

February 25
01:16 2022

The bottom layer is provided by a number of technical teams in Singapore, and is jointly owned by 100 communities. All the chips LP are injected into the capital pool, leaving no rat warehouse. All people launch it fairly and jointly create ten thousand times the currency.

1. Ecological advantages:

1. NFT
3. 3D Metaverse Horse Racing Game
4. Oracle
5. Metaverse

CE DAO's top 100 communities join forces to get rich together

2. Mechanism

Circulation of 10,000 pieces

The first batch of %20 2000 coins of DAO+DEFI will be injected into the fund pool (all permissions will be lost to the center, and the project will be organized into DAO)

All markets are circulated, deflation destroys mining, and there is a bottom and a boundless rise

Pot lock

20% is voted by the dao organization N times to guarantee the price of the pool
25% of the airdrop will be released within 12 months. All 210 addresses per month are scattered
30% of the ecological community building dao organizations vote to decide
2% Technology
3% Marketing Operations

3. Currency value

CE DAO continues to be destroyed, USDT enters the pot, and the bottom rises endlessly, and it continues to rise. Joint Zhuangzhuang, forced to get rich.

Deflation buying and selling 8%, 3% burning, 5% entering liquidity

4. Consensus

Powerful underlying technology + the most advanced DAO + DEFI mechanism + bottom and boundless rise, will rise

Logic > Generate value consensus.

Deflation a thousand times, a thousand times the bottom, a thousand times sailing

There is no mode and no authority, and all the DAO organization community autonomy

The world’s first DAO organization ecology and application has done a great job of building a large-scale community.

Welcome to CE DAO Empire

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Contact Person: WSS project team
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