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Zunnania’s book “Black Santa” From A New Perspective

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Zunnania’s book “Black Santa” From A New Perspective

February 24
20:56 2022

A chilly night, some nosey neighbors, and a suspicious blizzard covering the neighborhood in fluffy white snow. Santa barley escapes, but not without leaving something behind.

Who really is the man delivering so much cheer and joy around the world, and are the rumors true? It’s time we found out.

Zunnania’s book “Black Santa” is the first publication of a 24-part graphic novel series. Join the fun from the very start as Santa devises his top-secret plan to provide peace and happiness to every child in every neighborhood throughout the world. But, as with any journey, there is risk; thankfully, Santa has his fantastic family assisting him in navigating the treacherous twists and turns behind the scenes.

The author, Zunnania, is a mother, an artist, and an educator. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Like other parents, Zunnania seeks out pictures that represent and respect her child’s image, experience, and surroundings. As an artist, she looks for opportunities to create such moments of reflection.

The folk tale of Santa is an intriguing story that is physically and figuratively everywhere. Wherever you celebrate the holidays, you cannot avoid Santa. You’ll meet him in the mall, see him at the supermarket, sit next to him on the train, and he’s even starring in your favorite television show, and he will encourage us to participate. Unfortunately, there is not much (if any) diversity in the visuals around the Santa narrative, and as a result many youngsters feel excluded from the story of Santa.

“Growing up, I didn’t live in a house. I didn’t have a chimney. So how would Santa get to me in my 21-floor high-rise apartment? The anxiety of wondering if he was even planning on coming was extraordinary. Santa didn’t look like anyone I knew, and the children he visited didn’t look like me either.” – Zunnania.

This reimagined narrative of Santa makes space for diversity and highlights family enterprise. Each series is linked to a digital NFT release, encouraging family financial literacy and investment. A topic that deserves a spotlight during the costly holiday season.

It’s time we saw Santa from a new perspective.

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