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Meta Triads Launching Its High Utility NFT, a Marketplace for Fashion and Apparel in Metaverse

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Meta Triads Launching Its High Utility NFT, a Marketplace for Fashion and Apparel in Metaverse

February 25
04:06 2022

New York, USA – Meta Triads (Twitter @MetaTriads) has announced its NFT project, getting attention of the Fashion and apparel industry worldwide.

It is safe to say that the world of NFTs is rapidly changing. There are hundreds of NFT projects launching daily. Some fail, some offer a pleasant opportunity to earn small revenues by flipping. But there are big fish on the market with a huge potential in long-term investments. It is not always apparent, but there are examples of pure innovation; And one such example, Meta Triads launches on the march 7th!

Meta triads is not just a generic NFT project. It is a marketplace aggregator and an innovation within the fashion industry: Project aims to collaborate with famous apparel brands, creating and selling clothes in three different worlds: real life, metaverse and AR. This is the first time an NFT project integrates all three realms with the tokens, so the possibilities are endless… One of those endless possibilities involves opening real, functioning clothing markets in two infamous metaverses: Decentraland and Sandbox. It sounds complicated, but it is fairly simple.

The general structure of Meta Triads NFTs works like this: Holder buys unique ERC721 standard tokens (10 000 in number for the initial release) and instantly gets exclusive benefits: limited access to fashion shows, rare drops, profit shares from the Meta Triads apparel marketplace, and a hefty bonus: Every NFT holder will get airdropped 9tria$ per day (passive income). Tria$ is an exclusive coin that will serve as an integral part, and the main currency of the Meta Triads economy. Meta Triads NFT holders will earn in native token every time a sale is made.

If one can imagine uniting metaverse, augmented reality and real world within several lines of clothing apparel, then it is safe to say, they are sailing through the uncharted waters of Meta Triads metaverse; The exclusive benefits might seem enticing, but the most important goal for NFT holders is usually profit. No matter the hype, general interests, or complicated roadmaps of various projects, it all comes down to profit in the end; As straightforward as it sounds, this is what the enthusiasts mainly crave for. Profitability generally involves a complicated list of checkboxes, and one of the checkboxes is always the principle of innovation. Since the innovative nature of Meta Triads is without doubt apparent, margin of error is incredibly low here.

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