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Women Trailblazers – The Story of a Lebanese Musician

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Women Trailblazers – The Story of a Lebanese Musician

February 25
12:25 2022
Women Trailblazers - The Story of a Lebanese Musician

Women setting the standards in the music industry has become a much-needed trend. Icons like Taylor Swift, Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, Beyonce, and Rihanna have all paved the way for women attaining celebrity musician status. Carrying on with this trend is another trailblazer who has broken glass ceilings and has made a name for herself. Zouhar Adra, who is popularly known as Lebanese Tweety, has had some journey up till now.

Having a Lebanese descent, Lebanese Tweety comes from a background not known for having too many women in the music industry. But this was not going to stop Lebanese Tweety from making a name for herself. She chose a name that the industry would remember and made it her identity. Lebanese Tweety is a representation of her personality and just like Tweety the bird, she has the charm to make people fall in love with her and the brains to outsmart those who stand against her.

Lebanese Tweety, who is just 31, has already released around twenty singles and has featured in multiple others as well and is quite a hit when it comes to fans of pop music. Her songs are relatable for those struggling with love and relationships. But that’s just not it. Her music and composition are immaculate and just captivates listeners and keeps them hooked such that listening to her on repeat simply becomes a necessity. 

In an interview on FM 92.3, Tweety said that her main source of motivation was her mother and that her never-ending support is what has gotten her all the success. But she also thanked her fans and said that “The fans are what make Lebanese Tweety” and she can’t be more right about this. 

With thousands of views on YouTube, the Chicago-based musician is well on her way to mega-stardom. When asked about her inspirations in music she said “I look up to musicians like Post Malone and Nicki Minaj and want my work to reach their level” and it certainly seems like she has been putting in the work to do just that. She has collaborated with other musicians like Bixi Blake in his hit album Anka: The Return of the Phoenix and Atone Ra’s hit single We Run This while creating her hit singles that include Overdose, Cigarettes, Voicemails, and Lies You Like. 

The standout characteristic in her music is how she isn’t restricted by language and puts the world through a lens that portrays what it truly is rather than sugar-coating the harsh realities. While she gets many raised eyebrows for her music, particularly the lyrics, there is no denying that she is inspiring generations to come. Like Dua Lipa, she is becoming someone girls can look up to even if they come from a part of the world that stops women from fulfilling their dreams. 

Tweety’s concerts have also been quite popular among her fans. People love buying her merch and have supported her through everything. Like many celebrities, she has been subject to harsh and sometimes even criminal comments, but she has always taken them like the strong personality she is. Whenever she receives any hate speech, she laughs it off saying “People can get creative and funny when being negative towards someone” and that is her way of giving a shut-up call to her haters.

While she might not just yet be a mega-celebrity right now, one can be certain that Lebanese Tweety is well on her way to achieving stardom. A unique touch to the music and her bold and stereotype-breaking persona will sooner rather than later bring her to Hollywood fame. Whatever the future holds for her, we can safely say that she has still left her mark on the industry by setting an example for many other aspiring female musicians.


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