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CD BioGlyco Updated Custom Glycopeptide Synthesis Service Recently

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CD BioGlyco Updated Custom Glycopeptide Synthesis Service Recently

February 25
17:29 2022
CD BioGlyco recently updated its custom glycopeptide synthesis service to meet its customers’ research needs.

New York, USA – February 25, 2022 – CD BioGlyco, a biotechnology company that offers a full range of glycobiology-related products, analysis, custom synthesis, and design to help advance glycobiology research, recently updated its custom glycopeptide synthesis service to meet its customers’ research needs.

Peptides (amino acid molecules) that contain carbohydrates (glycan) are called glycopeptides. Since glycans are omnipresent in the cells of all organisms, and glycopeptides have the effects of maintaining health and preventing disease, there have been studies in the field of glycobiology in terms of molecules. In addition, glycopeptides have been developed to treat certain types of infections.

Glycopeptides are produced by a peptide synthesis process. In this process, glycans bind polypeptides and associate with other glycan-bound amino acids until a chain is produced. Newly produced peptides subsequently bind proteins and lipids by glycosylation. This enzymatic catalytic process allows glycopeptides to affect biochemical communication between cells. Therefore, these peptides play an important biological role in the life process of organisms. Cells produce skin and organic tissues, and protect against diseases and help the body maintain homeostasis.

Glycobiology attempts to determine the molecular structure of glycopeptides and further explore the function of these peptides in cells and molecules related to the human body. By determining glycopeptide structures and further understanding their mechanisms, workers in the field of glycobiology can produce treatments that help promote health and prolong life.

At present, CD BioGlyco provides mainly three strategies for glycopeptides synthesis using free glycans as key intermediates, or customized synthesis schemes based on customer’s research needs. The updated services can be utilized for the function and structure research of glycopeptides, research on the molecular level of glycobiology, pharmacological and biomedical applications of glycopeptides, and vaccine and new antibiotic development.

Advantages of the Service:

• The synthetic route can be customized according to needs
• Sophisticated instruments and first-class synthesis technology
• Able to synthesize complex glycopeptides
• One-stop service

“We have quite a wealth of experience in glycopeptide synthesis. Our efficient work and thoughtful service attitude have won us a lot of praise internationally. Our service can also be tailored according to different needs.” Commented Anna, the official speaker from CD BioGlyco.

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