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A 22-Year-Old Self Made Filipino Millionaire Is Now Called The King Of NFT

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A 22-Year-Old Self Made Filipino Millionaire Is Now Called The King Of NFT

February 25
14:22 2022

February 25, 2022 – The amazing journey of this young man has been viral. In the online business world, a young child from the Philippines was able to attain entrepreneurial success. Danjo, also known as “Danjo Capital Master,” is a well-known NFT coach, e-commerce business owner, and one of the Philippines’ finest success trainers.

Fast forward to February 2022, and Danjo has made his first six-figure profit from various NFT projects and some NFT games that are essentially metaverse projects. Investing in recently released doxed projects was one of his most lucrative investments. Danjo attended Ateneo De Manila University, a well-known university in the Philippines.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk regarding NFT on the internet. ‘Is it a scam?’ ‘NFT is dead.’ ‘NFT is too saturated.’

NFT isn’t gone, according to Danjo Capital Master, 22, It is just the beginning.

Furthermore, he went from opening his e-commerce store in March 2019 to switching into the NFT Community in November 2021, only two years later, earning $128,000 or 6.4 million Philippines pesos, marking his first six-figure month in income.

But his story doesn’t start there. Danjo attributes his success to his work ethic at a young age. While most 14-year-olds were playing Call of Duty or Need for Speed after school, he was working on his side hustles.

Throughout High School, Danjo sold second-hand phones and watches in his early years. He also began doing graphic design and social media marketing on Fiverr during College.

He even recalls failing multiple subjects in class, because of his very busy schedule. He had also sacrificed most of his time for his purpose and mission in life. He never regret anything in his life, except that he found out lately that his father was diagnosed of Cancer. He wishes he had more time to spend with him.

At the age of 20, he decided it was time to have a “serious job,” working as a Legal Assistant in his uncle’s office at a law firm. However, he continued to run his e-commerce business and Instagram account. He made his first $20 advertising by selling a “shout out” to a business when he had roughly 11,000 followers on one of his sites.

After launching his first YouTube channel, where he discussed stocks, other firms approached him, and he began to make some money through his channel. “I quickly noticed that most of the viral videos are from the NFT space,” Danjo explained, “so I shifted from doing Stock videos to NFT, and that’s where I got rich.”

He decided to try out NFT for himself a year later, at the age of 21, while letting his friend run his dropshipping firm in the meantime. It didn’t work at first. Trading cryptocurrency and playing unreliable nft games cost him a lot of money.

“So, I just went back to promoting NFT games, while managing my own ecommerce store and buying NFTS from openspace… Until, I realized that I was making more money sponsoring projects and Flipping NFTs than playing  play to earn games.”

Danjo recognized that if he save more money from the projects he promotes, he may invest it by buying a new NFT Art, which might potentially quadruple in value in the future.

Danjo felt that starting an e-commerce shop would help him pay for education. Even though he did not receive a scholarship, he was able to finish college and was able to study for his masters program, despite running many businesses in his early years.

So for the next six months, he worked nonstop to build up his Youtube Channel until they started earning $500-$2000 per month in advertising money through shout outs. He reasoned that he could buy another NFT and sell it for 20 times its initial price to make more money.

“I didn’t even have high expectations. I was expecting to make like $2,000 profit after the first month in flipping NFTs.”

Danjo launched his second e-commerce dropshipping store, which included his merch, in March 2021, and he also partnered with multiple NFT projects, including large companies, to boost his income. On the first day, his dropshipping store made $1200 in sales from a single shout out advertisement. His NFTs were sold at a price that was 30 times greater than the current market price.

“I couldn’t express the feeling,” he says. “I recruited celebrities to promote my stores, and it worked great.”

Danjo made $23,898.90 in sales in the first month, while only expecting a $1,000 profit.

“I’d never seen these kinds of numbers before, so $23,998 was a big blessing, but there’s no way this e-commerce thing can be sustainable,” she says. “But when April rolled around, I did another $25,572.85 in income.”

Then things took off when Danjo discovered that he could buy and retain Governance Tokens from NFT projects, which have a lot of upside potential.

“I kept grinding, sleeping 3 to 4 hours per day to reach my next goal, I studied more about NFTs, I tried to learn a new skill every week that could help me increase my income, so I could help others and contribute more to the community.”

In November 2021, Danjo hit $128,000 in revenue, in a single month. Over 5 times the revenue he made in March 2021 when he first launched.

Danjo finally hit his first six-figure month.

Danjo attributes much of his success to watching YouTube videos of online business owners when he was younger.

“As a kid, I used to adore watching films of people starting their enterprises, especially when they were young people; it was inspiring to me.”

Fast forward to today, and Danjo has a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers.

“I owe everything to God; without him, I would not have been able to achieve this level, I thank my mentors for helping me to reach this status and I owe everything to my family and parents for training me to remain humble at all times.”

Danjo is now called as one of the best NFT coach in the Philippines and he is now working as a CMO of a tech company in Germany.



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