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Cyber Rhino Squad: Designed for the NFT Market and directly contributing to Global Wildlife Conservation Efforts

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Cyber Rhino Squad: Designed for the NFT Market and directly contributing to Global Wildlife Conservation Efforts

February 25
20:41 2022
Cyber Rhino Squad’s first digital art collection, Cyber Rhinos are directly contributing to helping endangered species, donating more than $100, 000 to Rhino foundations and partnering with other global animal conservation efforts


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In their 50 million years of existence, Rhinos have been proven to be a unique animal species. However, since 1996, they have been listed on the “Endangered Species List,” with three of the five species of Rhinos being identified as “Critically Endangered.” Rhinos have occupied parts of the Indonesian jungle and deserts of Africa, but their population is dropping at an alarming rate, with only 27, 000 rhinos left in the world. The global rhino population has been affected by habitat destruction as more people encroach on reserves and poachers seeking their horns. With only five species of rhinos left in the world, it is crucial to put efforts into preserving what’s left of the population, and Cyber Rhino Squad is doing its part with their digital collectibles built for the NFT market on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The founders of the Cyber Rhino Squad, Lucas Pennewiss and Raul Mächler, are passionate about wildlife conservation. Lucas places heavy importance on bringing light to the dangerous extinction levels of various animal wildlife species across the globe, a vision he shares with avid animal lover Raul. Together, they are making a difference through Cyber Rhino Squad.

The Cyber Rhino Squad has created the Cyber Rhino NFT – a uniquely designed digital collectible with hundreds of different trait combinations. Purchasing this NFT is not just an acquisition of art or an avatar; it is also an active contribution to global animal conservation efforts. “You also gain exclusive access to an international network of animal advocates, businessmen, and women, professionals in various career fields with the mutual goal of creating a sustainable impact on a global level in animal conservation efforts.”

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The Cyber Rhino Squad digital art collection is designed by Damian Augustyniak, a sought-after Polish artist with over 10 years of experience in art and most famously known as the creator of GuzikArt. Damian has worked on artwork for famous musical artists like Joey Ramone of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame “Ramones” band, Sabaton, legendary Metal Band “Slayer,” Exodus, Party Cannon, Ankor, and many many more. He has also worked on other NFT projects like Wicked Apes Bone Club, making him one of the MOST sought-after and respected artists in the NFT world.

Each Cyber Rhino acts as a key to multiple opportunities in the digital world. Every Cyber Rhino owner gets to shape a whole new online persona and identity entirely randomized to the NFTs they acquire, ranging from hats, clothing, facial expressions, jewelry, backgrounds, and so much more. “While every rhino is unique in its own aspects, there are a few that stand above the rest and are identified as exceptionally rare.”

There are 6,000 unique and artistic Cyber Rhino NFTs, and owners get full commercial usage rights. The number 6,000 signifies the strongest and the largest of the rhinos since they can grow upwards of 6,000 pounds in size and are the second-largest land mammal, behind the elephant. The Cyber Rhino Squad roadmap details what’s next for this unique project. According to Cyber Rhino Squad, the next stop is the metaverse. “We hope to stumble upon some unclaimed land, perhaps an oasis in this giant Sandbox? Or a decentraland domicile? The world is our safari to explore!”

The carefully crafted Phase 1 Roadmap map shows that every Cyber Rhino Squad holder gets a free NFT that features a – randomly generated Rhino Hornet to accompany them and their rhinos on the expedition. “We will partner with global leaders in preservation efforts to do our part as a community in combating the extinction of the rhino species.”

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The second phase of the Cyber Rhino Squad safari adventures is to set up a new base camp and host virtual metaverse safaris for tourists, showcasing the joys of wildlife. Holders of Cyber Rhino NFT will get premier and early access to these opportunities. Cyber Rhino Squad also plans on launching rhino and animal partnership merchandise sold at the base camp, a portion of which will be utilized to donate to further wildlife conservation efforts. The conservation and exploration efforts don’t stop with the rhino species as part of phase two is to discover more endangered species and help global conservation efforts by partnering with leading experts in the field, as well as bringing these issues to the forefront of modern NFT, metaverse and blockchain technologies.

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