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Comprehensive Analysis Of the World’s First Charity Crypto, Save Ukraine DAO

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Comprehensive Analysis Of the World’s First Charity Crypto, Save Ukraine DAO

February 25
21:41 2022

The theme of 2022 will be DAO?

DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Corporations) appear to have become part of the recent buzz, with DAOs starting to attract the attention of more traditional investors, including billionaire Mark Cuban, who has called them “the ultimate combination of progressivism.” Venture capital firm a16z led the multi-million dollar funding round. Messari predicts that the theme of 2022 will be DAO, so what exactly is DAO?

DAO, as the name suggests, is a community group organized in a decentralized model for the purpose of co-investing or accomplishing other goals. Buterin originally had an incisive summary of DAO, that is, “DAO is an organization with automation as the center and people as the edge”.

Why was Save Ukraine DAO established?

As the local conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalates, several citizens of Ukraine are being dragged into the crisis of war. Save Ukraine DAO is an open, transparent and decentralized way to bring together a group of people who want to provide humanitarian assistance to the affected people in Ukraine, so as to help more displaced Ukrainian people return to normal life. organization.

Save Ukraine DAO

Crypto Charity Save Ukraine DAO – Helping Innocent Ukrainian Refugees

The main mission of the Save Ukraine DAO is to raise funds for more Ukrainian people affected by this event. And to bring a wider impact to cryptocurrencies through the project, achieve this, Save Ukraine DAO will raise funds and donate the funds raised to Ukrainian charities. If you feel the same way and are a crypto enthusiast, please join us.

Can you imagine a way to organize with other people all over the world, without knowing each other but establishing the corresponding rules, to help the Ukrainian people, and to make their own decisions autonomously, all enforced on the blockchain? Save Ukraine DAO is making this a reality. Save Ukraine DAO has several characteristics like other DAOs: information transparency, token incentives, community autonomy, participants having ownership of the organization, and freedom and openness.

The design of the Save Ukraine DAO economic model also hopes to bring some returns to the donors

Save Ukraine DAO is a self-organized decentralized community. Save Ukraine DAO formed a DAO. The reason for launching this project is that we want to help a crypto-friendly country like Ukraine out of the impact of local armed conflict . Those who agree with this rule and who are interested join the community. The token name of Save Ukraine DAO is UKR and will be issued on Ethereum and Polygon. Each donor will receive a proportional share of the governance token UKR in return.

Donation entrance:

Among the funds donated by users (please visit the official website for donations), 50% of the funds will be donated to Ukraine to help the Ukrainian people cope with the impact of this local war, and 25% will be used to increase liquidity and maintain market value and Management, 25% is permanently placed in the donation pool, and the private key is destroyed, and users can redeem it at any time, thus ensuring that UKR will always have a reserve price. The UKR returned by the user’s redemption will be permanently destroyed, thus creating a deflationary economic model.

The DAO is entirely led by the community. Following in the footsteps of the Save Ukraine DAO, each participant’s contribution is rewarded with a proportional share of the token $UKR. The supply of UKR will be determined by the total dollar value donated. All UKRs will be minted to donors. The ratio of the funds donated by users (equivalent to USDT) and the issuance of UKR is 1:10, that is, for every 1 USDT of assets donated by users, 10 UKRs are issued.

The project is currently in its infancy, using donations to raise donations and issue UKR tokens, raising a total of 600 million US dollars. After the funds are raised, the funds are handed over to Ukrainian-related charities and non-governmental organizations, the relevant supporting documents are publicized to the community, and a large number of live pictures are collected and produced as NFT. After that, the UKR token plans to launch decentralized exchanges and centralized exchanges, establish the UKR Foundation, launch the UKR NFT trading market and start transaction mining, as well as a series of infrastructure such as UKR token staking dividends.

Of course, how much value UKR will have in the future depends entirely on the community, which is also a community run by donors together.

Join Save Ukraine DAO

Tensions remain on the Russian-Ukrainian border. The project itself is defined as a dao, dedicated to bringing a wider influence to cryptocurrencies, becoming a supporter of dao, Web3 and projects that improve social good. The Save Ukraine DAO welcomes everyone to join our community and work together to help those affected in Ukraine, to develop the infrastructure of the DAO, to run the community together and to expand its influence.

Save Ukraine DAO has not received any further reports at this time. This is indeed an “inflection point”, a cultural moment for web3, media and society. As an inflection point, it is also a turning point for people around the world to join the community. The project is in the startup phase and is just a newest DAO, or leaderless collective. In the future, I hope everyone can witness it together.


Save Ukraine DAO has always been neutral in local conflicts, only funding NGOs and private charities, only humanitarian aid for refugees, and the funds raised are only used to help the Ukrainian people.

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