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Have Peace of Mind, Heal Relationships, Be Happy, Through the Practice of True Forgiveness

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Have Peace of Mind, Heal Relationships, Be Happy, Through the Practice of True Forgiveness

February 28
12:22 2022
Rev. Jennifer McSween helps 50+ spiritually oriented professionals to feel worthy and empowered, have peace of mind, healthy loving relationships, and live prosperous, purposeful, genuinely successful lives. She focuses on Forgiveness, the central teaching of A Course in Miracles’ (ACIM).

According to announcements released by Rev. Jennifer Mcsween, (O.M.M.), this spiritually based transformational author, speaker and coach helps these professionals to bring about radical, lasting changes personally, in their relationships and their lives, by  practicing True Forgiveness

Her own experiences and training have taught Rev. Jennifer that one need not be a victim of circumstance, constantly trying to control situations, events, or even other people, to feel empowered and at peace. Rather, one can feel empowered, and at peace regardless of what comes into one’s life, or what takes place in the world. 

Rev. Jennifer focuses on changing the perception that gives rise to the feeling of victimization, and in so doing free oneself from the need to struggle, defend against, or control anything or anyone. With more than two decades of experience as a Course in Miracles student, teacher, counselor and practitioner, she is highly regarded by individuals in the Course in Miracles Community (ACIM). She is the founder of The Miracles Mindset Institute.

For almost three years, Rev. Jennifer has hosted a weekly podcast called “Understanding the Language of a Course in Miracles Podcast”. In hiatus for the last year, the podcast will be airing under a new title “The True Forgiveness Podcast”. She’s also the author of the #1 International Bestselling book: “TRUE FORGIVENESS: The Proven Path From Pain To Power In 5 Simple Steps”.

Rev. Jennifer has taken her business online launching a digital course and a coaching program to help spiritually oriented, 50+ professionals who are looking for another way to heal and transform themselves, their relationships, and their lives. Both the course and coaching program focus on changing one’s perception to bring about the desired transformation. This process reveals that changing one’s perception is not only the most powerful tool, but the necessary process for genuine, lasting transformation. It is  however, not one that is commonly used by mindset, lifestyle, and transformational coaches. 

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Rev. Jennifer McSween said, “Growing up, I used to be the person my friends came to with their problems, and people have always said they found it easy to talk to me. I have also always been very interested in people; always curious as to why they behave the way they do. I wondered how two people can be raised in the same environment, be exposed to almost identical experiences, and yet turn out very differently? This led me to study Psychology, getting a B.A., and later a B.Msc. in Counseling Metaphysics, and becoming a Spiritual Psychotherapist and Ordained Metaphysical Counselor. 

Plus, I had an emotionally painful relationship with my mother for the greater part of my life, which was healed by practicing True Forgiveness. This not only helped us to have a few emotionally healthy years before she passed away in 2020 to COVID, but also helped me to experience a more deeply intimate relationship with my husband.

Over the years, I’ve come to believe that everything about our lives – the circumstances of our conception, the environment into which we are born, and every encounter and experience in our lives – can be seen as “tools for the trade.” What I mean by that is: they are preparing us to express the purpose for which we have been created. My life story and circumstances prepared me to become “The True Forgiveness Coach.”

About the Coach: 

Rev. Jennifer McSween shares and practices the teachings of A Course in Miracles as a means to let go of fear, heal and let go of painful experiences, and confidently face the challenges of life. She has had success in helping others do the same by sharing those teachings. She is an Award Winning #1 International Bestselling author, coach, speaker, and has a popular weekly podcast. She is also available to be a guest on podcasts.

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