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Remotely manage IoT device from anywhere with the RemoteIoT platform

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Remotely manage IoT device from anywhere with the RemoteIoT platform

February 28
09:22 2022

IoT device companies typically manage a large number of distributed IoT systems, often spread across the globe and built on multiple software and hardware platforms. The deployment of IoT devices or Raspberry Pi is only the first phase of an IoT solution. IoT developers often require secure remote access to IoT edge devices for remote maintenance and management. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use the RemoteIoT platform to remotely SSH to an IoT device or Raspberry Pi and Monitor their status from anywhere.

SSH IoT device or Raspberry Pi

Typically, if a user wants to communicate with a remote computer on a standard network, they will first find its IP address and then connect to IoT device or Raspberry Pi via SSH. However, IoT devices often don’t allow users to connect to them via their public IP address because they are hidden behind firewalls or routers, so this approach is useless. The RemoteIoT platform allows users to access their devices from a browser using the SSH protocol.

After users create a RemoteIoT account on the IoT device or Raspberry Pi and install the RemoteIoT service, they can open the web console to log in to the IoT device or Raspberry Pi even if those devices are behind a firewall or router, which is as convenient as using SSH putty to connect the IoT device or Raspberry in local network. The web-based SSH service avoids opening externally visible ports and also maintains a zero-attack surface.

Monitor IoT device or Raspberry Pi

Additionally, the RemoteIoT platform can help users monitor all key business operations remotely in one dashboard. Companies can collect, analyze and visualize business-level data from IoT devices as well as health and performance metrics from devices. Companies can monitor IoT system performance, device hardware metrics, CPU temperature, system error logs, network performance data, and more in one dashboard.

The RemoteIoT platform allows setting performance expectations and alerting when one of the device states crosses a boundary. The service means that technical teams don’t have to monitor IoT devices all the time. Performance thresholds are usually set at a level that allows time to deal with potential problems before they become serious. As a result, support staff can focus on other tasks and only resolve issues with IoT devices when alerted.

Update IoT device or Raspberry Pi

The RemoteIoT platform provides OTA or “Over the Air” updates that can remotely update the software of connected IoT devices and save IT teams time. Companies can also implement updates on multiple devices at once. The updater can check the integrity of all updates and verify that the update package has not been altered in transit. The RemoteIoT update service reduces overall operating costs while keeping millions of widely distributed global devices up-to-date, secure, and performing optimally.


The RemoteIoT device management platform has many built-in device managements and monitoring tools, allowing enterprises to focus on their core expertise, easily deploy devices on a large scale, and effectively reduce costs.

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