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Michael Carioscia Turns Hardcore Italians Into A 7-Figure Brand

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Michael Carioscia Turns Hardcore Italians Into A 7-Figure Brand

February 28
09:42 2022
Instilling the spirit of oneness, pride, and family values in the hearts of Italians

Hardcore Italians is a social media page with a unique clothing line designed to flaunt Italian-American Culture. Founded by Mike Carioscia Sr., the brand was created explicitly for instilling the spirit of oneness and patriotism in the heart of Italians. At present, the brand is owned and managed by his son, Michael P. Carioscia (Mike Carioscia Jr.), who has successfully upscaled it to a whole new level. Hardcore Italians has been in existence for 10 years and has become a family business run by the family and family friends.

Dedicated to promoting the brand as the C.E.O, Michael has created a new vlogging YouTube channel where he takes people on a virtual tour of what goes on behind the scenes of the business. On this channel, he reveals how the business is run through adventurous video content. He also constantly feeds the audience with the happenings in his life in an exciting way. The channel features highly creative and entertaining video content that reveals everything about the brand, including the incredible Italian family-oriented lifestyle.

The company believes that it is important to keep Italian heritage, tradition, and family close to their hearts. “My grandparents immigrated from Calabria, Italy to the United States in hopes for a better future for their family. They worked hard labor jobs that paid very little money. They barely understood English so it was very tough for them to accustom themselves to a new country. This did not matter to them. All they cared about was their children and grandchildren. I always remembered my grandparents being there for me. They had $20 to their name, yet would hand me a $20 bill every time I visited. They would run and jump if there was ever a problem. They made sure to always be around and teach important Italian traditions and values.

Despite having nothing, they gave us (my family) everything. They gave up their lives so that we can have a better one. This is where my passion for Italian culture came from. If I ignored their story, lessons, and background, I would feel like their sacrifices would go to waste. By being proud of who they were, I feel connected and in tune with the opportunity that was given to me.“ said Michael.

Michael turned the company from a side hustle into his full-time job once he graduated from college. His role was to run the administration of Hardcore Italians. He grew the brand by adopting the professional knowledge and expertise he acquired in business school to boost its social media presence and give it much-needed visibility. While his Dad started with a $1,000 investment into the business, he turned the brand into a 7-figure business, generating an increased ROI. He is still putting a lot more efforts to ensure that the brand keeps growing and generating more figures. Prioritizing community service and customer satisfaction, the company has given back to Italy by making donations during the coronavirus pandemic.

Operating out of a fulfillment facility in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Hardcore Italians features a product backlog containing T-Shirts, Hoodies, Track Jackets, Hats, Keychains, Swimwear and more  designed for women, men, and kids.

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