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February 28
09:48 2022 Airdrops $10,000 Worth of Tokens to Each Active OpenSea User

Since the start of 2022, the heat of the NFT market has continued to rise. The trading volume of market giant OpenSea reached yet another staggering all time high of $2 billion in February, setting off a new wave of rush NFT buying.

The crypto industry has many spheres of influence that draw people into the space and lure developers in to solve challenging problems. We find it exciting to see from our vantage point the out-of-circle effect of the NFT sub-space, drawing in people ranging far beyond the typical crypto circle, leading to continued interest and growth despite stagnant crypto macro economics. The NFT umbrella has become a new blue ocean for strategists, triggering new rounds of claiming markets by preemptively striking where the ground is hot with previously unexposed enthusiasts and impassioned individuals from all over the world.

ABCMETA quickly established popularity within the NFT trading world with its unique advantages. As a global NFT asset minting and exchange platform, ABCMETA provides a low threshold for users to engage in NFT minting as well as trading. Furthermore, opportunities for outstanding profits abound within the metaverse. At present, annual yields can reach a staggering 1200% APY after LAND assets of the project are staked. These staking rewards are distributed daily to users in the form of USDT, allowing immediate enjoyment of the superb benefits brought by ABCMETA.

It is reported that the airdrops of ABCMETA have attracted the attention of new users from beyond the typical crypto circles, boosting profits for early users and bolstering the entire ecosystem with fresh eyes.


ABCMETA airdrops Airdrop-Pass NFT to users in, allowing claimants to share a reserve of 5 billion META tokens (5% of total issuance). Each claimant can claim up to 10,000,000 META.

Airdrop start time: March 1, 2022

Airdrop duration: 90 days

Total Airdrop and Value:

Total airdrop: 5 billion META

The current value is roughly 5,000,000 USDT (according to the exchange rate on on 02 / 28 / 2022 at 00:00 UTC)


Users who have obtained the Airdrop-Pass NFT on OpenSea.

Obtain Airdrop:

A total of 100,000 copies of Airdrop-Pass NFT will be disbursed in a first-come-first-serve fashion to users with a transaction value of at least 0.01ETH through the polygon network on from January 1, 2022 22:22 to February 22, 2022 22:22 (block height: 25241875 to 23201014).

Users can log in to OpenSea with their wallet and search in the hidden directory: Account –> Profile –> Hidden

Steps to Get Airdrop

Users can start accumulating airdrop rewards immediately by logging in to with the wallet holding the Airdrop-Pass NFT. 

The potential airdrop rewards will be disbursed via two separate methods: free claim and task claim.

  • Free Claim: ABCMETA gives away 11 million META every day and equally distributes them to participating users; each user can claim up to 25,000 META per day; (the sooner you participate, the more you will receive. The earliest users can potentially receive up to 2,000,000 META after the 90-day locking period has expired).
  • Task Claim: The task is divided into five levels. After completing the task for each level, you become eligible to claim the corresponding META award for that level. The reward will be distributed to the user’s balance after the airdrop event is completed.
    • 1 – Receive 50,000 META (value 50USDT) after completion Task Details:Join ABCMETA Discord;  Follow ABCMETA Twitter  
    • 2 – Receive 150,000 META (value 150USDT) after completion Task Details: Participate in MEME Bid-to-Earn 
    • 3 – Receive 800,000 META (value 800USDT) after completion Task Details: Participate in MEME Bid-to-Earn and successfully win a MEME auction
    • 4 – Receive 1,500,000 META (value 1,500USDT) after completion Task Details:Participate in LAND Bid-to-Earn  
    • 5 – Receive 5,500,000 META (value 5,500USDT) after completion Task Details: Obtain LAND (either through participating in Bid-to-Earn and successfully win a LAND auction, or obtain LAND through Buy it Now at a fixed price)

Super Bonus Pool (Total 450,000 USDT)

ABCMETA will deposit 5,000 USDT into the super bonus pool every day, totaling 450,000 USDT over the 90-day period.

When an Airdrop-Pass holder purchases LAND through either the Buy it Now or Bid to Earn methods, they become eligible to share the rewards within the super bonus pool. One a user becomes eligible to split the super bonus pool, they continue to split the daily pool rewards until the end of the 90-day period.

If only a single Airdrop-Pass holder purchases LAND within the 90-day period, that user will enjoy the entire 5,000 super bonus pool reward every day for the entire period.

If 10 Airdrop-Pass holders purchase LAND, each of the 10 users will receive 500 USDT per day (assuming no other users purchase land in the future).

While the bonus pool remains open, Airdrop-Pass holders who buy LAND have the right to continuously divide the super bonus pool.

The bonus pool rewards are calculated and disbursed every minute in real time and can be withdrawn at any time.

For example, if an ABCMETA Airdrop-Pass holder buys a parcel of LAND, the dashboard of the user’s airdrop page ( will reflect the collection of the bonus pool reward within the next minute (click “completed task 5” button on the airdrop page). If only one holder has purchased land so far, that user will continue to accumulate the bonus until all users get the maximum daily bonus of 5,000USDT.


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