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R2Games Launch Eternal Fury and Blade of Kings in German

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R2Games Launch Eternal Fury and Blade of Kings in German

February 28
21:36 2022

During a recent German Gaming Event, R2Games announced the German release of two of its most popular games: Eternal Fury and Blade of Kings.


R2Games is a global video game publisher dedicated to bringing great games to players all around the world. Their growing portfolio already encompasses six languages, including German. Driven by a desire to share their games with a wider audience, R2Games has announced the addition of two major titles to its German offering.

Both games, Eternal Fury and Blade of Kings, already have releases in other languages and geographies. They are two of the most popular games in R2Games extensive catalog. Throughout March, R2Games will be following up with further events and giveaways, so stay tuned.

About Eternal Fury (DE)

Explore the Epic Fantasy World


Eternal Fury is a strategic turn-based RPG built in HTML5 that combines SLG action with classic fantasy interactions. Whether they opt for a gallant Knight, a nimble Archer, or a wizened Mage, characters have great potential for customization. Eventually, players will build up a potent roster of equipment and mercenaries, each with their own unique skill sets. And they will need them, because considerable perils await.

Do not take too much comfort from the colorful setting, many dangers lie ready for the amnesia-riddled adventurers as they set out to recover their memories. Once they have embarked on their quest, they will soon find that it is more than their memories that need saving – the very fate of the world depends on them.

There is plenty more to do in Eternal Fury, including a creative skill tree comprising Talents and Legendary Skills. There is also a compelling PvP arena offering the chance to duel with strangers and friends and climb the ranks to glory.

About Blade of Kings (EN/DE/FR/PL)

Become the King of Kings


Blade of Kings is a free-to-play idle RPG with highly impressive graphics for a browser game with no download required. In a world filled with dungeons and thrilling battles, it is the player’s ultimate role to become the king of a generation of kings.

Players can defeat opponents alone or with their teammates, continually evolving their characters with exciting loot. It is a casual gaming experience that allows characters to advance and collect loot even when players are offline. There is plenty of fun and fascinating things to do, such as catching and training pets to assist your journey.

Battles are thrilling, in no small part thanks to the smooth animations as characters kick, jump, chop, slice, shoot arrows, or throw enemies through the air. Or for those with a penchant for the mystical, vivid magical spells add an exhilarating dynamic.

About R2Games

R2Games, also known as Reality Squared Games or just R2, is an international games publisher with a dedicated audience and a rapidly expanding portfolio. Their speciality is free-to-play browser games, often those licensed from Asia and published for a growing international audience. Their other IPs include Scarlet Fate, Dragon Awaken, and the officially licensed Game of Thrones browser game. They plan to release plenty more events and giveaways throughout March. 


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