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Ukrainian Tribe (KYIV) Launch To Provide Direct Humanitarian Aid To Ukraine

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Ukrainian Tribe (KYIV) Launch To Provide Direct Humanitarian Aid To Ukraine

February 28
23:46 2022

FairTribe BSC fair launch platform announced that it is partnering with Ukrainian Tribe to launch the charity token KYIV on February 28 1pm UTC. Every trade of KYIV sends direct aid to the Ukrainian government. The power of KYIV’s advanced blockchain technology demonstrates the capacity for crypto tokens to influence real world events and global affairs in a positive direction. The future of a blockchain-driven globe where on chain transactions directly alter the living standards of people affected by adverse events is arriving with KYIV. The UkrainianTribe team calls on all people to do what they can to support Ukraine, whether it is by trading KYIV or through other means.


Every buy and sell of KYIV triggers a 2% reflect reward to the official Ukrainian donation wallet and 1% rewards to holders. An additional 1% burn is charged on each sell. A maximum of 1% of the total KYIV supply can be held by a single wallet, and no more than 0.1% of the total supply can be sold in a single transaction. The initial supply of KYIV is 43 million representing the population of Ukraine. The tokenomics are designed to incentivize traders while providing the maximum humanitarian aid to Ukraine. This novel charity token model will transform the future of humanitarian work.


A $50,000 CZUSD donation from FairTribe seeded the initial KYIV/CZUSD liquidity pool on the Pancakeswap decentralized exchange. CZUSD is a stablecoin backed by yield bearing USD denominated assets with $2.3m effective liquidity on Ellipsis stableswap and $200k liquidity on Pancakeswap. FairTribe seeds initial liquidity for new projects that wish to conduct a 100% fair launch with no presale. UkrainianTribe was selected for the donation due to its high quality team, cutting edge technology, and direct connection to Ukrainian aid agencies.


In partnership with FairTribe, Ukrainian Tribe KYIV launch announcement is for a 100% fair launch. The total supply of KYIV will begin in the KYIV/CZUSD liquidity pool with no allocation to any insiders nor any presale. The KYIV/CZUSD pool opens for trades on Pancakeswap on February 28 1pm UTC. To purchase KYIV, CZUSD is required. CZUSD can be acquire on Pancakeswap or on Ellipsis. Instructions are available on Ukrainian Tribe’s official site


The UkrainianTribe is part of a new wave of crypto tokens focused on generating real world impact to help improve the lives of humans across the globe. The power of cryptocurrency for fundraising and charity is greatly underexplored. KYIV shows the current benefits of fundraising via blockchain. The support is direct, without any administrative overhead. Fundraising is free, done by the community. Financial aid is 100% auditable with every transaction fully public. KYIV is a path forward for charity tokens, proving to the world the power of blockchain to have transformative consequences for world events.






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