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5 Notes About Choosing The Best Talkie –

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5 Notes About Choosing The Best Talkie –

May 21
21:00 2020

The best bargain set. Choosing the right type of radio for your job is an easy step, because not everyone has experience using this type of radio device. So where to start?

Choose the best radio frequency for UHF or VHF radios

Hand-held radios have 2 different frequency bands: VHF (136-174MHz frequency) and UHF (400-470MHz frequency).

Note that if you buy more to use with the existing phone number, you need to know which band the device is using (VHF / UHF).

What frequency is and what model is it to choose to buy a new device that can be used with the old system.

If this is your first time buying radios and only use them together, you can choose the VHF or UHF band depending on the topographic location used to communicate the farthest and best way according to the following criteria:

If the area is empty, there are few obstructions between the radios: VHF should be chosen

If in a high-rise building, many constructions in the city: UHF should be chosen.

Frequency licensing capability for the area where you use the radio.

Buy Motorola radios:

Pay attention when choosing good bargains

The maximum communication distance between two handsets from 2 people on the ground in the open air, in a vacant space of about 3 km, in a city must not exceed 2 km.

In high-rise buildings, where architectural works are built with a dense density, the distance will be significantly shorter.

The handset can communicate with its center much further than the distance between the two handsets. If the machine at the center is a fixed / mobile type with a large capacity and has an antenna placed on a high pole (the higher the communication, the farther away).

To increase the communication distance between the handset or the mobile phone with each other can use the Repeater (with antenna installed in high position).

3 Brands Best Cheap Negotiations Today

Hypersia – This is the best line of current radios in the segment: The advantage of cheap price, high durability, non-shy conversation sound.

But there are three main brands of radios, Kenwood, Hypersia and Motorola, the rest are not equal, but in exchange for a reasonable price.

Kenwood – the best product from Japan

Motorola: American products durable, many expensive models

Kenwood Talk Price List:

Choice of good cheap radio accessories

Battery: You should choose a large capacity battery to have a long time to use the machine for each charge.

The unit of capacity is mAh. The IC-V80 uses BP-265 battery (7.4V / 1900mAh) for up to 19 hours of operation (with operating cycle: Play (high power); Receiver; Standby: 5; 5; 90)

Li-ion batteries often have large capacity and long battery life (long-lasting batteries cause no memory effect)

Can be charged at any time without having to use up before charging like other batteries.

If the need to use the machine for a long time, to avoid running out of battery

you should buy extra batteries or buy a battery pack (of ICOM) using normal AA batteries to use in case there is no recharging power when the battery runs out.

Charger: If you don’t have much time to charge your battery, you should buy a Quick Charger.

Standard chargers usually require around 16 hours of battery charge. Fast chargers only charge in about 2.5 hours.

Speaker – Microphone combination and Head-to-head, neck-mounted headphones …:

Help you make contacts and still wear the device often at the waist.

Speaker-Micro combination can be worn on the shoulder bridge or mounted on the collar (small type).

Necessary for those who have to use their hands on other jobs such as security, police, security, waitress …

Headset with a cape. The neck pressure device when used with voice-activated (VOX) devices gives you complete hands-free communication by radio.

The neck pressure set helps send out very clear, no noise even when the speaker is in an extremely noisy environment such as a disco, music stage, engine room …

Antennas: All ICOMs have standard antennas included with the device.

These antennas usually provide the best communication distance.

There are some shorter antennas that make the machine more compact and less entangled. An improper antenna may damage the device.

So when you need a new antenna. You need to choose the right type of code attached to the device or we advise to choose another antenna, especially the shorter antennas.

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