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Into The AM donates first 10,000 face masks as a newly started mission – Buy a mask, give a mask

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Into The AM donates first 10,000 face masks as a newly started mission – Buy a mask, give a mask

May 25
19:30 2020
Elevate self-expression along with the comfort of premium fabric!

Anaheim, CA, USA – Into The AM is not just a typical clothing company, it provides its customers with the highest quality fabrics that are eco-friendly and clothes expressing what the wearer has a passion for. The ink used in the garments is eco-friendly, preserving nature and does no harm to the environment. A new quest started at Into The AM pledges to donate medical-grade face masks for each seamless bandana bought. This new act of kindness has helped many doctors, nurses, medical professionals and patients. Amid the global crisis, every little deed counts, and Into The AM team is proud to help those in need of help; Medical-grade face masks are running out and all those who can help should step up.

Into the AM is a team of talented and creative artists, creators and positive people who believe that the clothing expresses one’s true self. Clothing is kind of art and expression where one expresses their desires with different colors, designs and printing. Along with the expression part, Into The AM team believes in providing the customers with the best of the best, using ultra-premium fabrics.

Customer-satisfaction comes first before anything else, as a result, Into The AM offers a 30-day money-back hassle-free guarantee. The ordering process is so simple and fast, order from the website and get the order delivered right in front of the doorstep. Choose from a wide variety of apparels for both men and women including all sorts of high-grade masks, T-shirts, hoodies, leggings, shoes, wristbands, bags, shorts, phone cases and so much more.

Into The AM understands the global pandemic that everyone is facing and wants to do something to help those in need at this dire disaster. To those in the utmost need of help, the team at Into The AM has launched a new program under which a medical-grade face mask is donated to a hospital at each purchase of a mask, also called a seamless bandana.

Upon receiving the masks, ED/ICU Coordinator Brandon Loop said, “We can’t thank you enough for this generous donation! You’re making a positive impact not only on our staff but on every patient and family member that walks through our front doors! Thank you so so much!” A medical face mask is one of the most important parts of the protective equipment used by medical professionals including doctors and nurses, it is also very important for patients and for those who realize that wearing a mask can greatly reduce the risk of spreading the virus. In this time of crisis, medical face masks are highly needed and so Into The AM is doing its best to fulfil this need.

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