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Washington author’s new book Shares innovative solutions for world problems through short stories

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Washington author’s new book Shares innovative solutions for world problems through short stories

May 25
23:50 2020
“Pop: Power of Paradise” is a collection of thoughtful and breath-taking stories that inspire us to find unique solutions to both personal and world problems.

Washington, D.C. – May 25, 2020 – A bunch of short stories claims to extend imaginative solutions to bring a positive change in the world. Washington-based author Dave Skyé has recently released a book on Amazon that promises to share innovative solutions to both personal and world problems. Titled “Pop: Power of Paradise”, the new book is bustling with 21+ powerful tales that aim to inspire independent thinking and imagination to deal with myriad challenges in life.

The book is published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Pop: Power of Paradise” is for every conscious individual who will like to see a unique difference in the way human interaction and governmental affairs around the world are carried out. The book aims to serve as an inspiration for people striving to make a difference and renders them the ability to count on the unifying force of mankind to bring the positive change.  

“It’s a great moment for me to bring my book to the world. Packed with a bunch of thought-provoking, interesting and astounding stories, this book aspires to motivate readers to take a stand for the just choices. I am hopeful, my book will be able to inspire you to fight for a positive change essential to empower both the current and future generations. I believe it’s possible to live the paradise on earth, but it all depends on our actions and judgements. We all need to proactively act with a righteous ‘purpose’ as it is only then we will be able to experience the ‘Power of Paradise’ in our earthly life”, stated the author.

Covering 21+ stories, “Pop: Power of Paradise” explores various unique solutions to problems posed by life, love, society and so on. From woes like black & white incompatibilities to problems of world domination, to finding loopholes for universal healing- the book aims to inspire imaginative thinking to overcome all these worldly problems and more. 

Speaking on, the author said the timing of this book is significant to our present day and coming generations in the world. He stressed humans are intelligent beings and must practice thinking to find the reason behind different problems today, and how to overcome them in the most innovative way possible.  

“As humans, we must invest time in thinking about the reasons behind the various alarming problems plaguing the world and also our life today. What are the reasons that drive the inequalities existing today? Why do we always find a hungry beggar on the street when we have the resources to feed the world? We have to look into our conscience to find out the reasons behind all such challenging issues. The world is our home and all the people living here are our fellow beings. Unless we proactively take up the baton to find a solution to these woes, we cannot embrace the brotherhood of mankind. This book will help you to think about that inner force that motivates us as humans and unites as humans. It’s only then we will be able to create a perpetual paradise”, explained the author.

About the author

Born in Brooklyn, Dave Skyé is on the perpetual quest for the eternal truths of life. His search for truth inspired him to study various subjects and he believes life takes us on a continuous journey of learning and appreciation. He is positive, all humans are connected together through a deep wisdom and is hopeful his book will inspire readers to appreciate that wisdom which unifies mankind and proactively work to bring the change that empowers us all.

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