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George Floyd – The COVID-19 Distraction Nobody Wanted

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George Floyd – The COVID-19 Distraction Nobody Wanted

June 02
17:26 2020

Maxed-out on Coronavirus-related news, we longed for a different story to distract us, something engrossing, something big. And then it happened – George Floyd – a black man in handcuffs – was choked to death by a cop in broad daylight. Suddenly the Coronavirus wasn’t the story anymore.

George Floyd dying took COVID-19 off our screens, replacing it with nightmarish scenes of America in flames, as riots spread across the country. We had prayed for some kind of distraction from the virus, but none of us had wanted this story. looks into the effects Covid-19 will have on the world and how humanity will overcome the current global effects.

COVID-19 – The Tsunami-Like Virus That Rocked The Planet

The past six months had been dominated by possibly the most unbelievable story in human history.  Here are just some of the facts that nobody saw coming, and some of the questions we are now asking:

Wartime-Like Casualties

Who could have predicted that in 2020, the US, the UK, France, Belgium, Holland and Italy would suffer casualties not seen since the Second World War? Who could have foreseen that Spain within a span of four months, would suffer its greatest loss of life since the Spanish Civil War?

Currently, 6.39 million people worldwide have contracted Coronavirus, with 2.9 million recoveries, and 377,148 recorded deaths. The US has been hardest hit, with almost two million cases and more than 100,000 deaths.

In Europe, Russia has been hit with the most cases with almost 420,000, and 10,000 new cases per-day. The UK has suffered the greatest death toll, with more than 39,000, although Italy, France and Spain have suffered similar levels of human loss and tragedy.

Currently it is Brazil that is the epicentre of COVID-19. Already second only to the US in recorded cases, there’s little doubt Brazil will soon be challenging the UK for the dubious honour of the second highest number of Coronavirus-related deaths.

One In Four Chance Of Dying

When we first were told of COVID-19 we were led to believe the chances of dying from this virus were the same as dying from the flu; about 2%. That’s two deaths out of a hundred. Your chances of survival were 49-1. It will take years before the final stats are tallied, but right now, those figures were clearly optimistic in the extreme.   

We now know that if you were lucky enough to be ill in a country with a high recovery rate such as Germany, you had a 74% chance of survival. That’s 3.84 to 1. A bit shorter than 49-1.

A Death-Sentence For The Elderly?

Of course, that’s an average figure, and the chances of dying from the virus were highest in the 80-year old and above category, then dropped significantly by the decade. The stats reveal there was a substantial drop off from aged 70 downward, with few people in their 40s, 30s and 20s passing.

Which was no great relief for folks in their 70s, 80s and 90s who’d made it that far in life and were in otherwise excellent health.

COVID-19 will be remembered by this generation as the virus that stole our parents and our children’s grandparents.

How Quickly Will The World Recover?

Many have compared the damage done by the coronavirus as like a world war, and of course, that’s exactly what it is, Us vs The Virus. Aside from the death toll, the financial cost of the global lockdown will likely be valued in $ Trillions.

On a positive note, unlike the obliteration of towns and cities witnessed in WW2, and the monumental task of having to reconstruct Europe, Russia and Japan which took decades to complete, the damage caused by COVID-19 to bricks and mortar will be minimal, if anything.

Is A More Virulent Strain Heading Our Way?

In early 1918, people started falling ill in large numbers with what would become known as Spanish Flu. However, only the very weak perished, and the majority overcame the viruses flu-like symptoms.

Unfortunately within six months of the first strain of Spanish Flu impacting the world, the second, altogether more virulent strain would hit the public, many of whom were still recovering from the first strain, and this time the effects were utterly devastating. It is estimated that 50 million perished from the effects of Spanish Flu, which is twice as many as the estimated 25 million who died in World War One.

Is a second, far more virulent and therefore more lethal strain heading our way? The facts would say no: there have been several viral outbreaks since Spanish Flu – 2009’s Swine Flu Pandemic for example, and none have had such a deadly second strain.

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