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20-Year Old Dutch Entrepreneur Bennie Bos to Bring New Transportation Concept

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20-Year Old Dutch Entrepreneur Bennie Bos to Bring New Transportation Concept

July 11
00:22 2020
20-Year Old Dutch Entrepreneur Bennie Bos to Bring New Transportation Concept

11th July, 2020 – God-gifted talents, if applied in career, success is bound to happen. Read the success stories across the world, majority of the people who turned out to be massively successful in their careers are the ones who followed God-gifted talents in their careers. Latest success story that emerges in world media belongs to a young entrepreneur, Bennie Bos, who witnessed the heights in a very young age of 20.  He was born with the leadership skills and entrepreneurial mindset that took him to instant success. Although he belongs to a business family, but he made it his own and now proudly enjoys his prosperous and fruitful career.

The fact remains that the world business scenario is changing, and the entrepreneurs are coming with simple and workable solutions for various problems. The Dutch entrepreneur Bennie Bos, who is the founder and CEO of Bike4Now, has now come up with a unique solution for both urban and intercity transportation. He has started offering this solution to world markets through his vision and leadership qualities. This distinctive idea is about solving the urban transportation issues through bike sharing. This idea works under his platform ‘Bike4Now’ that lets the masses to seek for the available bikes using the mobile app that he has launched as well. After getting the available bikes, people can use the same. And once they reach their destination, they can leave the bike over there. Bennie Bos’ Bike4Now charges the bikes by using green electricity to make the environment eco-friendly.

During an intreviews, Bennie told that he had to apply for the permits from the government for this project that he created by himself. Dutch government liked the concept and came up with a fabulous proposal to work with. Thus Bike4Now began selling the entire concept to the Gemente Amsterdam. The excited Bennie Bos also said that in a few years’ time, Amsterdam will be packed with his own innovative bikes.  His future plan is to set up mobile charging stations across Netherlands.

He has now taken this project of Bike4Now to London. Apart from spreading business in world locations, the purpose behind setting up the business in London is because of the huge transportation and emission from the vehicles issues. He has presented this solution of bike sharing and hopefully it will start working there soon. Bennie Bos’ idea is appreciated a lot worldwide because everywhere one finds massive traffic on the roads and the harmful gases are polluting the environment. Thus bike sharing appears to be echo-friendly and less costly for the public.

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