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Rapper John and Charlies Journey, releases new single about their struggles of mental health to help others

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Rapper John and Charlies Journey, releases new single about their struggles of mental health to help others

July 13
20:49 2020

British rapper and mental health campaigner John and Charlies Journey, raising awareness about mental health and to bring an end to the judgement and stigma, they rap about their daily battles of mental health and bring alive there thoughts and emotions to share with the world not to suffer alone in silence like they did. To give people an insight and an understand of what life is like inside a mental health mind.

It has been incredibly hard yet healing at the same time, to put on paper my thoughts and feelings to share with my fans and the world. 20 years of suffering in silence now unlocked to share with the world thats it okay not to be okay, its okay to speak out about how you feel, locking up how you feel only makes you worse.

When I write lyrics down it just flows like a waterfall, thats comfortating, makes me upset but its good to cry to let it all out, never be ashamed of who you are, you are only human.

On 2nd July 2020, John and Charlies Journey released Inside a Bpd Mind, which is rapped about their experiences with bpd, bpd is a personality disorder that is a wave of unstable emotions, disturbed patterns of thinking, impulsive behaviour, intense but unstable relationships with others, feared of rejection and abandoment, experience intense negativie emotions, its common for people with bpd to feel suicidal one minute then harmful the next, the pattern varies they are very up and down, are reckless. Feeling extremly low and feel like there is know way out. BPD is a a very misunderstood disorder and John and Charlies Journey want people to listen to their rap and to gain knowledge of what life is like with bpd.

I am a suicide survivor and have been to that dark place multiple times, the place of no return, feeling like there nobody else feeling the same, thats not true, your mind is playing tricks on you. I am passionate about turning my passion for music into a reality to help others, remember the mood is temporary, your not alone.

John and Charlies Journey friends with Keith Duffy (Boyzone) and Brian McFadden (Westlife) who invited John and Charlies Journey on stage during their Boyzlife concert in Manchester, England to share with their fans and the world what the rapper is doing to raise awareness for mental health and to end the silence surrounding judgement and stigma.

I also want to connect with people who dont suffer from bpd or mental health issues, because its important that everyone gets somewhat of an understanding so they can help and support also.

I can image its very frustrating for people who dont understand mental health, so I want to help make them understand.

Inside a Bpd Mind is avalible to stream or download on Spotify, itunes, apple music, google play, youtube, deezer, amazon.

Click the link below to listen to Inside a Bpd Mind –

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