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Ask These Questions Before Moving To Belize

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Ask These Questions Before Moving To Belize

July 13
21:20 2020

Why do people decide to move to Belize? There is no single answer to this intriguing question. Some are retiring and want to live in a location that’s exotic and affordable while maintaining close proximity to home. Others figured out that since they work from home, why must that home be in North America where harsh winters and high living costs can make life difficult if not impossible?

The list of reasons Belize has become the object of interest for so many people seeking a haven has continued to grow over time as more tourists visit the nation and discover – some by accident and others by intention – that the benefits gleaned from relocating to this friendly country are simply too numerous to ignore. These are six of the questions people of all walks of life ask when considering resettlement in Belize.

Q: Is Belize too large to manage?

A: Far from it. At only 8,867 square miles, getting from one place to another to sightsee and explore the natural and cultural wonders throughout the nation is a breeze.

Q: Must I learn another language?

A: Everyone speaks English, so no translation app needed to feel right at home.

Q: What about crime?

A: Every nation has crime, which is why it is incumbent upon people relocating to Belize to choose an area like Ambergris Caye where ex-pats flock because they feel safe there.

Q: Will I fit in?

A: The number of ex-pats living in Belize continues to explode. The introduction of the Salt Life Belize development on Ambergris Caye in 2020 has attracted northerners and newcomers are greeted with open arms.

Q: How can I be sure I will feel comfortable this far from home?

A: By visiting first and realizing that trips back home can take as few as two hours. Salt Life Belize offers exploratory tours for home shoppers that are both affordable and fun.

Q: What if I get sick?

A: There are excellent health care professionals in Belize though some residents of Salt Life Belize often go to Mexico or return home for medical and dental treatments.

For retirees, investors and vacation home shoppers, Salt Life Belize is paradise found. Sales Director Scott Fuson welcomes all questions posed by potential home buyers, no matter how complicated those questions happen to be.

Salt Life Belize is a unique development offering superior real estate in an area not known for affordability. Situated along the Caribbean Sea, condos are especially attractive to retirees eager to live among other ex-pats. Studio, 1 and 2 bedroom condominiums with on-water balconies and roomy interiors are available for occupation now, as the community’s Salt Beach Club moves toward completion by year’s end.

For more information, contact the Salt Life Belize sales team at (833) 627-0106; [email protected].

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