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The global first aromatherapy mite removal spray invented by BEGGI in New Zealand

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The global first aromatherapy mite removal spray invented by BEGGI in New Zealand

July 14
19:55 2020

The global mite removal market will usher in an epoch-making invention. Recently, the global first “Aromatherapy Mite Removal Spray” released by New Zealand’s well-known health brand BEGGI has triggered a frantic buying by local consumers in New Zealand. It is reported that this mite removal spray has completely changed the pain points of traditional mite removal products, such as high irritation, pungent odor, and undesirable mite removal effect. The global first “aromatherapy type” mite removal spray not only can effectively remove mites, insects and bacteria, but also has the effects of long-lasting fragrance and air purification. The first batch of consumers in New Zealand first tried this BEGGI aromatherapy mite removal spray, then, praised it and brushed the screen to share good things forum, the product is also known as the “cut male artifact” in the mite field.

“Many traditional mite removal agents contain poisonous side ingredients such as insecticides and pesticides in order to achieve effective mite removal effects, this is also the main reason for the high irritation, pungent odor after spraying. Long-term inhalation may cause allergies, damage nerves and hematopoietic function.” Dr. Alexander, head of product development at BEGGI, told reporters. “After three years of clinical research, we have found the best solution to perfectly solve this drawback.”

According to Dr. Alexander, BEGGI’s newly developed aromatherapy mite removal spray is completely made of natural plant extracts, and does not contain toxic ingredients such as pesticides and insecticides. It is sprayed on clothing, beds, sofas and other places. It can quickly kill mites and other insects. Different from the general mite removal spray, blue bell essential oil fragrance component is specially added to BEGGI, which not only has the strong effect of mite and insect removal, but also has the characteristics of lasting fragrance. It has a light floral fragrance that is as refreshing as Zumalong’s “Blue Bell” perfume.

It is understood that BEGGI’s mite removal spray contains 28 kinds of natural plant essential oil ingredients, including New Zealand’s unique manuka oil, and Australian eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, bellflower, grapefruit and other natural plant essence. The former has a strong bacteriostatic effect, which can inhibit and kill bacteria on the surface of the object; The latter has a scientific ratio of various essential oils, which not only has a strong insect removal effect, but also purifies the air and promotes sleep.

“Unlike the principle of chemical mite killing, the biggest benefit of plant mite removal is safety and efficiency. The plant essence in BEGGI mite spray can quickly dissolve the dust mite’s epidermal fat, increase its water loss, and eventually cause its dehydration and death. Kill the mites”. The person in charge of the above-mentioned BEGGI R&D told reporters.”

Its ingredients are natural, so for families with pregnant women, children or pets, it is non-toxic and harmless, can be directly contacted, and is particularly safe. The test proves that the effective mite removal time of BEGGI aromatherapy mite spray can be as long as one month, and the mite removal is carried out in a long-term and continuous manner. During this period, no insects or mites will appear in the sprayed area.”

Moreover, as we all know, there is a common problem with all spray-type mite removal designs, that is, large size and unsightly appearance. BEGGI’s mite removal spray is different. It innovatively adopts a compact bottle design, and its delicate and beautiful image is loved by many quality consumers.

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