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Inspiring Rap Combinations that Speak Magic: “Who I Am: A Self Love Project” Out Now

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Inspiring Rap Combinations that Speak Magic: “Who I Am: A Self Love Project” Out Now

March 20
02:57 2021
Inspiring Rap Combinations that Speak Magic: "Who I Am: A Self Love Project" Out Now
With rich and stunning musical compositions that span vary from striking Pop and Rap to R&B, Mr. Pope is set to be recognized as a seasoned musician and artist in the musical industry

An up-and-coming artist and musician, Mr. Pope is a true inspiration for those looking to hone their talents in Rap and inspirational R&B music, having created stunning masterpieces one after another. Mr. Pope’s self-love thematic album titled “Who I Am: A Self Love Project” has been released today. A lifelong project that highlights the strength of support and togetherness during a time where the United States remains embroiled in turmoil, the album is a true masterpiece that encompasses the real and authentic rap voice of the artist.

As a Chicago Public School teacher, Mr. Pope’s is a true representation of a credible and crucial life’s work rather than just a project, the album is a real and raw expression of self-love. Mr. Pope aims to use the power of music to combat and fight life’s negative influences and challenges. His music is a fresh breath of self-empowerment, courage to define oneself on one’s own terms, motivation to commit to purpose and persevere, and above all, it exists as a burning constant reminder to love. By immersing listeners in positivity and love, and by canonizing positive visual messages, positive interactions become more frequent through this music of life. His music hopes to capture different components of emotional ideology and with its calm, conversational rap tone, it is influenced by 90s rap artists such as Twista, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Crucial Conflict, Tupac and others.

Mr. Pope’s writing style is very thematic and narrative, incorporating different literary techniques to overjoy his listeners. Each single in “Who I Am: A Self Love Project.” creates a vivid image in his listeners’ heads as it connects to lived experiences. Check out and download “Who I Am: A Self Love Project” at and support Mr. Pope at


Driven and raised by Christian principles, Mr. Pope found his inspiration in richness of Rap and Hip Hop, whilst being comforted by gospel tunes. In 2001, Mr. Pope entered the music scene as a 16-year-old Christian rapper, Prophet Child. His first LP was a self-released project that professed his love for Jesus Christ. In 2008, Prophet Child and B Anointed released an LP titled “Street Gospel”. In 2013, after being asked to write an anti-bully song to perform at schools throughout the Chicagoland area, Mr. Pope replaced the emcee name Prophet Child. Shortly after, he enrolled in a teaching program and received his master’s degree in teaching. In 2015, the budding artist was hired at McNair School of Excellence (located on the west side of Chicago). McNair became the inspiration for his songwriting process and artistic spirit. This message of love and tolerance including staying steadfast in the face of turmoil and troubles of life is one that is burning and relevant throughout his discography.



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