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Even as the Pandemic Wanes Addiction Grows: Intensive Outpatient Programs Offer Hope

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Even as the Pandemic Wanes Addiction Grows: Intensive Outpatient Programs Offer Hope

February 24
20:26 2022

The statistics are staggering. The pandemic has left the world facing unprecedented substance abuse and addiction problems. We are still in the middle of a crisis with opioid addiction, and the numbers are continuing to climb. Hospitals are seeing more overdose incidents than in previous years. Even as the pandemic begins to become something we’ve learned to live with, many face a new problem of overcoming their newly formed addiction. Intensive outpatient programs are a shining light in the dark for those struggling.

There are a variety of treatment facilities and options available, and many accept insurance. However, they are not all created equally. Public and private treatment facilities are different. Public treatment facilities are often difficult to get admitted to due to the number of people seeking treatment. They also often have limited options and provide a less customized approach to addiction treatment.

On the other hand, private facilities can offer more specialized and custom treatment options. Providing a more comprehensive range of options for their clients. Programs are generally for specific lengths, such as 30 days or 90 days, depending entirely on the client’s needs.

Addiction treatment works in stages. Most people start with an inpatient treatment program because they are intensive and have the advantage of a controlled environment. Those abusing substances often struggle to separate themselves from those around them who use. This first stage allows them to start the process of recovery. When they are in a positive space and clear from the substances, they are better positioned to benefit from what is often chosen as the next step intensive outpatient programs.

Addiction is different for every individual. What works perfectly for one person will not work at all for another. Because of this, private treatment facilities focus on individualized treatment plans to ensure that their clients have the best chance of a full recovery possible.

A holistic approach to intensive outpatient treatment will include several activities and programs to help individuals continue their recovery. Because mental health and addiction go hand in hand, treatment plans include one-on-one therapy, anxiety treatments, and psychiatry and psychotherapy for some. In addition, there are holistic approaches that have been shown to help people overcome addiction, like mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and even art and music therapies.

Addiction recovery is a life-long path. One that individuals do not need to walk alone. There is hope in the darkness in the forms of private and public programs, intensive outpatient programs, detox, and inpatient treatment, just to name a few.

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Addiction Rehab Toronto is a full-service addiction and recovery center. They have a wide variety of programs, including alcohol and drug addiction treatments and food addiction treatment plans. They are in Toronto, Ontario but accept clients from anywhere in North America. They focus on individualized treatment plans that are catered directly to their clients. They use multiple methodologies and are a holistic treatment facility.

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