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KAREWatch™ Medical Guardian Leverages Innovative Technology for Elderly Care Remote Monitoring

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KAREWatch™ Medical Guardian Leverages Innovative Technology for Elderly Care Remote Monitoring

February 25
01:43 2022

KAREWatch™ MG offers on-the-go seniors emergency alert systems that remotely monitor vital signs in real-time with on-demand two-way video calls.

With the pandemic of putting breaks on social occasions and in-person meetups, seniors find it challenging to stay in touch with family members. Caregivers also continue to worry about their loved one’s mental and physical well-being while living in isolation. KAREWatch™ Medical Guardian (MG) offers a solution for caregivers and seniors by ushering the next generation of healthcare monitoring wearables with comprehensive features. The world’s first advanced real-time monitoring smartwatch combines intelligent alerts with seamless communications.

The smartwatch highlights six key functionalities – SOS Calls, Fall Alerts, GPS History Tracker, Geofence Technology, Two-Way Video Calls, and Vital Signs Monitoring.

KAREWatch™ MG has a built-in SOS button and fall detection sensors that automatically send SOS calls and fall alerts to registered phone numbers, enabling caregivers to respond to emergencies quickly. Moreover, the inclusion of a GPS history tracker makes it easier to monitor and track their aging loved one’s locations anytime. To ensure continued connection and peace of mind despite the distance, seniors and their family caregivers can also contact each other anytime with the smartwatch’s two-way high-definition video calls, text and voice messages, and photo sharing.

The wearable also captures data on four critical vital signs, blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels, including body temperature, enabling caregivers and healthcare professionals to stay on top of a loved one’s current health conditions. The data provides contextual information that guides clinical decisions and responds to early warning signs of health deterioration. It makes for informed decision making that leads to patient health improvement and peace of mind, knowing that they are not alone and connected to family members anytime, anywhere. KAREWatch™ MG empowers seniors to take charge of their health while enjoying freedom and independence.

In addition, KAREWatch™ MG highlights Geofence Technology. This enables family members to set up virtual fences around a loved one’s residence and surrounding areas and keep track of their location anytime. The smartwatch sends an intelligent alert to connected family members whenever users leave designated virtual perimeters. This feature is invaluable for seniors with Alzheimer’s or Dementia who are prone to wandering behaviors.

KAREWatch™ MG is light, stylish, waterproof, and easy to operate for seniors, even non-technical individuals. In addition, the free companion Android and iOS mobile apps provide 24-hour remote monitoring while delivering peace of mind for caregivers and their loved ones.

Interested parties can contact KAREWatch™ MG through email at [email protected] and phone at 855.932.KARE for more information. Purchase the product here:

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