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The Japanese skin care brand has added another valiant general, BLACK TAPE moisturizing sunscreen has been successfully launched

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The Japanese skin care brand has added another valiant general, BLACK TAPE moisturizing sunscreen has been successfully launched

February 25
02:21 2022

Sunscreen has opened a new chapter in the beauty consumer market, showing the rapid development of upgrading and transformation. Japanese brand leading the skin care market recently added another valiant general, and the BLACK TAPE moisturizing sunscreen has been successfully launched.

High-end product with multi-function protection

With the simultaneous increase in the demand and market size of sunscreen products, functionality is gradually increasing. In the past, sunscreens were designed to block direct sunlight, now most sunscreens are highly praise the accumulated damage caused by ultraviolet rays in the sun. Therefore, sunscreens are further subdivided according to different consumer needs.

Japan’s new sunscreen product BALCK TAPE can also satisfy the functions of skin care, antioxidant, antibacterial, moisturizing, soothing and whitening skin under the condition of sun protection.

Expected by consumers before appear on the market

Based on the quality and strength of Japanese skin care brands, BLACK TAPE moisturizing sunscreen has four major advantages: the sun protection index reaches SPF 50+, PA++++; texture clear and watery, non-sticky, absorbs quickly, no burden to the skin, no stuffy acne; add a variety of natural plant ingredients, protect skin from external stimulation, form a protective layer, repair UV damage timely; easy to use, easily removed!

3 layers of futuristic technology + high-efficiency sunscreen

In order to evaluate the sun protection effect of sunscreen, several sunscreens were tested on the back of body at one time. After sun exposure, the most effective one was the black tape that uses to divide sunscreen unexpectedly. Therefore, this product which sunscreen effect is infinitely close to “black tape” uses triple sunscreen technology and high-efficiency sunscreen, and is named after “black tape”.

The first technology can quickly isolate UV rays, keep a clear and non-flake texture; the second technology uses nanotechnology, makes skin delicate and unique, moist and non-sticky; the third adopts micro-emulsion technology, combining oil-soluble effective ingredients into the material structure, without surfactant, protection more lasting.

The high-efficiency sunscreen Octocrilene protects the skin from sun damage, tanning, sunburn, premature skin aging, and helps reduce the potential risk of skin cancer.

As the demand of sunscreen market expands and the pace of globalization continues to move forward, the emergence of new products are both opportunity and challenge. Hope BLACK TAPE sunscreen will live up to the expectations of consumers and bring truly effective sunscreen results!

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