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Behaveo, a safe community for learning about human behavior, outlines the mental health benefits of breathwork

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Behaveo, a safe community for learning about human behavior, outlines the mental health benefits of breathwork

February 25
20:05 2022
Struggles are part of everyone’s unique journey through life and navigating these challenges can be difficult. Behaveo highlights that the benefits of breathwork stretch beyond emotional control and energy management.

Despite the method being around for years, 2022 is the year where breathwork is beginning to shine as its benefits are detailed and explored. As a practice, breathwork has been an open secret that only a few people have leveraged in the past. However, more people are realizing its benefits and that it’s a simple and practical way to gain emotional control, manage energy, and, most recently discovered, aid with mental health.

Behaveo is a community built around safety for people who need to learn about themselves and others as they navigate daily life. Behaveo is a source of insightful information about human behavior, emotional intelligence, mental health, and more. Through their platform, Behaveo helps people access expert advice and teachings from mental health consultants and other professionals in the industry.

“We can help you, your family, or even your workplace in measuring and managing mental health so you can weather any storm and sail well. Having that single constant support in your life will do wonders to your mental health. Prevention as well as cure.”

Breathwork benefits for mental health have not been extensively explored until now. Most people have been unaware that mastering breathwork can help and that it is a method that can be learned. As more people embrace breathwork for mental health, they reap benefits like managing their anxiety and stress, releasing repressed emotions, assisting with anger management, and easing depression. According to experts at Behaveo, done right, breathwork has the ability to change peoples’ lives.

How breathwork works

Usually, when people are navigating stressful situations, breathing becomes rushed and shallow, and in some instances, people subconsciously hold their breath in anticipation of doom. During these situations, the individual is not breathing correctly, making the brain suffer. Breathwork helps people control this kneejerk reaction by assisting them in regulating the flow of oxygen to the brain, even during tense, anxious and stressful situations.

Breathwork for mental health

Behaveo has detailed the benefits of breathwork for mental health, ranging from assisting with addictions, encouraging self-love and even digestive support. According to Charlie Penwarden, a mental health consultant, the health system doesn’t work for most people to address mental health effectively; that is why he explores alternative methods like breathwork. “Everyone is individual and has their own story, which is why I created BehaveoLife framework for mental health management that takes into consideration the ten elements of life that contribute to a healthy mental wellbeing.”

He further explains that there are different types of breathwork. For instance, in addiction recovery, breathwork seeks to heal feelings of worthlessness, self-esteem, and trauma—this aids in the recovery process. Breathwork for anxiety aims to face the triggers and address them, making navigating situations that rouse anxious feelings easier.

To be an effective method and yield benefits for people, breathwork is performed under a breathwork therapist, especially for people in addiction recovery. However, people can also learn breathwork techniques and apply them in their daily life to help them navigate challenging situations. Varied breathing techniques help people experience emotional breakthroughs and take back control of their lives.

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