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Stablecoin RUSD Is to be Launched by Reflecto on March 11th, which rewards its users

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Stablecoin RUSD Is to be Launched by Reflecto on March 11th, which rewards its users

February 25
20:11 2022
Stablecoin RUSD Is to be Launched by Reflecto on March 11th, which rewards its users
RUSD is a decentralised algorithmic stablecoin that allows automatic staking. It is the first stablecoin to do this. For both DeFi and stablecoins in general, RUSD is a game changer.

An algorithmic stablecoin, RUSD is the first stablecoin to deliver automatic staking, and is decentralised. For DeFi and stablecoins in general, RUSD is going to be a game changer.

A new stablecoin will be introduced on March 11th that will do the same thing as Reflecto, the first multi-rewards token that launched in November 2021. As a stablecoin, RUSD’s value is identical to the value of USD, which is why it’s called RUSD (1 RUSD is equal to 1 USD).

When you hold RUSD, you’re also receiving rewards in other cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, which is a huge advantage over the dollar and other stablecoins. Auto-staking and complex algorithms in the RUSD stablecoin have made it possible for this to be a reality currently.

On March 11th, a pre-sale will be launched on the Reflecto official website in order to ease the selling of RUSD. Throughout the event, both private and public sales will be taking place. Participants in the private sale who possess Reflecto tokens will be able to obtain RUSD in proportion to their Reflecto token holdings. To put it another way, the more Reflectos you own, the more RUSD you’ll be able to buy during the pre-sale.As an added perk, transactions using RUSD will be free of the need for local money, such as BNB, as the RUSD does not need any local currency to be present.

Flexible, the RUSD currency is. Alternately, its supply may vary independently. Stablecoins with variable supply has an advantage over other stablecoins, such as pegged tokens or assets like fiat currencies, which suffer from inflation. If the supply of tokens increases, the amount of tokens owned by each person will change in proportion to that increment. Thus, a person’s assets won’t be affected.

The RUSD stablecoin does not work like any other stablecoin, as has already been stated. Due to the fact that each RUSD token is comprised of “fracs,” its value swings in an inexplicable manner. It’s important to note that the RUSD supply changes with these fracs’ price per RUSD fluctuation.


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