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AMCAP digital high-end services of financial services are in line with the trend

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AMCAP digital high-end services of financial services are in line with the trend

February 28
17:01 2022

According to china securities journal, a number of commercial banks are increasing the promotion of digital RMB wallets for merchants and individuals. Insiders pointed out that commercial banks are actively preparing for digital RMB-related business, conforming to the development trend of digital RMB, which is conducive to the follow-up opportunities in business development, people’s livelihood and financial transaction convenience, etc. The guidance issued by China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission recently pointed out that: Develop industrial digital finance actively and promote the digital transformation of financial services.

With regard to the development of digital finance and China’s vigorous implementation of digital RMB at the national level, AMCAP Group said that this is the leading position of China’s financial development and has reached the international frontier. AMCAP Group’s international asset management products used to serve institutional investors. With the current trend of digital finance, AMCAP Group has also developed and matched a variety of financial service products in its business products, which are in line with digital financial services, pay more attention to high-end customers, and launch online financial transaction services in cooperation with international market institutions that speed up the development of personal financial management, so as to give full play to the advantages of balance promotion of various digital financial products and fund stock products of international asset management.

The entry of high-level international asset management and investment institutions into China has brought advanced investment ideas and management experience. Their ideas of long-term investment and value investment will actually profoundly change the financial awareness of the financial groups in China’s financial system. AMCAP Group, as one of the early asset management institutions in China, said that domestic-funded institutions should learn from this point in terms of value investment and acceptance of new things. The core competitiveness of foreign capital is risk management, which requires financial institutions to strengthen risk control in the whole process of investment, risk control, operation, front, middle and back office, and transform from passive risk control to active risk control. AMCAP Group reminds that effective and intelligent risk management mechanism should be implemented in risk management and control, so as to improve the efficiency of investment and increase the enthusiasm of wealth management group for wealth management consumption. AMCAP Group believes that international asset management investment should be closely integrated with financial technology to achieve technological empowerment in the overall investment risk management. At the same time, vigorously reform the business management system and make more market-oriented reforms in performance, management and incentives.

At the beginning of 2022, AMCAP Group built a brand-new digital transformation and service of financial services on the basis of past development. With the support of the professional financial team of international Wall Street, AMCAP Group has accumulated excellent management team, which is beneficial to product cooperation and online transaction security and reduce the risk ratio of steady income. AMCAP Group will stand from the buyer’s perspective and provide customers with balanced and stable financial product portfolio allocation, high-quality, market-wide and diversified allocation and services.

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