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How Hairvivi Transformed the Wig Industry

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How Hairvivi Transformed the Wig Industry

June 28
14:26 2022

If it has to do with innovation in the hair industry …

Hairvivi has done more to revolutionize wigs and given Black women and other POC high-quality hair that make looking and feeling good a thing of ease.

The wig industry has seen innovations, patents, and new developments. However, the actual hair itself, has remained the same for the most part over the years.

After all, they say if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. So why would wig lovers tinker with something that works? Why mess with a design loved by wearers that continues to contribute to the multi-billion-dollar global wig market?

Because Hairvivi knows they can do more for customers.

That’s how Hairvivi became The Wig Pioneer.

For Hairvivi, the goal was to develop wigs that made it easier for the wearer. It meant people didn’t need to be stylists to have a great-looking wig, and didn’t need to know what pre-plucking the hairline means or how to bleach knots.

Today, Hairvivi is a leading DTC brand for 100% natural hair wigs that carry some sleek innovations. It grew as a customer-centric company that put the needs of its core base first. The mission is to deliver an effortless hair experience while inspiring women worldwide and enhancing their confidence. As part of this process, the brand has led the way in developing some of the most loved, practical, beginner-friendly, and natural-looking wigs on the market.

So how do wig lovers get the most natural-looking, ready-to-wear, elegant wigs that look just as good in the sunlight as they do indoors and at night?  

With that in mind, here are a few techniques and innovations developed by Hairvivi that have changed the wig landscape.

Innovations that put Hairvivi on the Map

Pre-sewn Transitional Hairline aka Pre-Plucked Hairline

Many brands today market their wigs as having a pre-plucked hairline. But back in 2016, Hairvivi debuted the first pre-plucked hairline. 

This design essentially reduced the work that wearers had to do to make their wigs seem more natural. When the hairline seems too full or the hair density too thick, the wig does not look natural. People need to skillfully pluck the hairline for the wig to look as close to a natural hairline as possible.

People can over-pluck the wig hairline if they aren’t a skilled stylist or an expert wig wearer. And that’s almost as bad as if not worse than a too-full hairline. That’s the trial-and-error process many who now boast how to teach people to pluck the wig hairline had to go through.

Hairvivi instead developed a process using a new hand-tied technique that created a more natural density transition for the hairline.

Clean Bleached Knots

Following the success of the transitional hairline, Hairvivi launched a newly customized wig line with pre-bleached knots in 2017. Wig knots are the knots used to secure each strand of hair onto the lace cap of the wig. But, based on how bleach the knots, it’s easy to see that people are wearing a wig because the unbleached knots seem rather large. Bleached knots let the wigs look more natural. 

If users are not familiar with the process, they can damage the wig by trying to bleach the knots. Hairvivi eliminates that extra step by handling the bleaching process so the wigs can last longer. Through the Hairvivi process, the knots look invisible, and the hair strands remain more stable, so wearers experience less shedding. As they are clean bleached knots, not partial or unbleached, customers can enjoy an even more natural-looking wig compared to others.

Glue-Free Wigs

Not everyone who wants to wear a wig wants the hassle of gluing every time. In 2020, Hairvivi launched their specially designed piano keys elastic band and combs for extra security and a snug fit. The design meant anyone could wear a wig without the need for glue. 

To further expand on the efficiency of a glueless wig, they introduced a new design to the wig cap. With a more defined curve, the cap/lace can lay flat perfectly without the addition of glue.

Pre-Made Fake Scalp 

The next innovative step by Hairvivi was a fake scalp in 2019. The company launched a new line of wigs with a pre-made “fake scalp” built in after many iterations and testing to get it just right. Today, they offer three (3) options – cappuccino, mocha, and honey – to suit a variety of skin tones for a flawless blend and natural look. 

Is it the End of the Innovative Road?

In an industry often criticized for low-quality hair, unreliable online stores, and wigs that look like wigs, the innovators help keep the industry moving. But it must be based on what the players hope to help their customers accomplish.

For Hairvivi, these innovations couldn’t and didn’t occur in a vacuum. They have been led at all points by the company’s core values. As a brand that values ingenuity, elegance, and female empowerment, it’s only fitting that the products offered stay true to these core principles.

Now, the overall wig market has taken a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the innovations by Hairvivi have allowed the brand to continue releasing new designs and increasing its market share. A key factor contributing to the brand’s sustainability is the exclusive focus on human hair wigs, which are fast outpacing synthetic hair for dominance in the wig industry.

Another is their supply chain. Other brands are facing issues sourcing the much sought-after Swiss lace needed for high-definition lace wigs. Hairvivi has been spared those concerns primarily due to its partnerships and relationships forged throughout its supply chain. While still challenging, the company has it easier than most to source it’s in-puts. 


Paving the Way Forward for Improved Industry and Service

As Hairvivi seeks to move the beauty community forward, the company continues to find more ways to support its customer base. How-to tutorials and beginners’ guides are just a few of the areas it has poured its resources. They help those new and not-so-new to wearing wigs. Improved service, new releases, and better online systems get their natural hair wigs to the doors of the people who love them.

So, Hairvivi continues to raise the bar.

As a company that stays innovating, Hairvivi will carry on helping its customers experience the true confidence of a well-made, perfectly designed wig. The benchmark for high-quality human hair wigs will rise.

The room for growth is endless when people build with a customer-focused strategy. Hairvivi experienced this first-hand as it set trends and empowered its customers. Today, the brand is focusing on research and developing new wig features. Wig lovers can expect many more happy customer reviews that show that people will come when listening to their needs.

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