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How CACTUS Became a Leader in Quantitative Trading

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How CACTUS Became a Leader in Quantitative Trading

June 28
22:05 2022

The term Quantitative Trading has become increasingly popular in the market. Its name comes from the method of using computers to analyze large amounts of transaction data to develop investment strategies. The charm of quantitative trading lies in the combination of massive data and artificial intelligence, which can obtain excess returns; whether the market rises or falls, the return rate is more than 30%.

Cactus Option LTD is a company registered in Cyprus. It is an experienced and promising private equity firm that was formally founded in 2008.

CACTUS is a trading platform built by the company’s 14 years of accumulated financial transaction data and a powerful intelligence network. CACTUS uses the Quantum EX (QEX) quantitative trading model. Similar to other quantitative trading, QEX requires a lot of data for analysis. In computer science, “garbage in, garbage out” is the concept that flawed input data produces flawed output. Likewise, inaccurate data cannot formulate good strategies. CACTUS’ strong advantage comes from having the high-quality data obtained by its former company.

Although the biggest advantage of quantitative trading is that it is completely operated by programs, without human emotions and other factors, immutable code is still not enough to deal with dynamic markets. CACTUS’ approach combines the QEX quantitative trading model with the top elite trading team to achieve a “human-machine collaboration” and make up for what the trading tool lacks.

Backtesting is an essential part of any automated trading system to ensure their performance. CACTUS’s quantitative model has achieved extraordinary investment results after several market turmoil. This is due to the successful “human-machine collaboration” adapting to different market conditions. This is the basis for CACTUS to become a leader in the competitive quantitative trading industry.

Financial inclusion is the next goal of CACTUS. The company hopes that investing is no longer the preserve of Wall Street, and that everyone has access to financial investments and better opportunities to build wealth.  CACTUS has also established a global education foundation, which will first launch in Africa, where education suffers from the most inequalities. This is so that local children can receive a better education and use the knowledge they have acquired to create a better future.

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