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June 30
13:53 2022 Discusses Fingerprint Background Check: When and Why Is It Necessary?

People are used to consenting to background checks when being hired for a new job, but many are surprised when prospective employers ask them for fingerprints. Fingerprinting is standard hiring practice for some companies and certain types of work-related to education, health care, and the government. Keep reading for a better understanding of the reasoning behind fingerprinting and the process involved.

What are Fingerprints?

A person’s fingerprints form when they are still developing in their mother’s body. Pressure from the baby’s surroundings creates ridges on the fingers and toes. Everyone’s fingerprints are unique. Even identical twins have different fingerprints.

Type of Work

Candidates applying to work in a healthcare field, with children, or with the government are likely to be fingerprinted due to the sensitive nature of the job. Applicants can easily have fingerprints made through online companies like Sterling Check. Fingerprint scans show any criminal history that a person may have. Fingerprints also confirm someone’s identity. They can verify where and when an applicant was born. Employers want to ensure that anyone working with children, medicines, or secure information does not have a criminal background.

Confirm Identification

Some people do not have sufficient information that confirms their identity. A birth certificate, Social Security number, or driver’s license usually suffices, but if these are not available, a fingerprint check can confirm someone’s identification. People interested can visit site for more information.

History of Criminal Activity

Many school districts across the country are making fingerprinting mandatory. For example, New Hanover County Schools begins fingerprinting new hires. Employers want to know if there is any criminal activity in the applicant’s past. Applicants for new positions must be honest about their past because fingerprinting will show prior convictions.

Digital Fingerprinting

Many online companies offer quick and accurate live scan fingerprinting services. Applicants fill out an application online. Then, they schedule an appointment for a live fingerprint scan. These companies check the applicant’s paperwork, verify their identity, take the fingerprints, and process the request.

Digital fingerprinting, according to, is taking fingerprints electronically with a live scanning machine. There is no ink or card involved. The applicant rolls their fingers across a glass plate, and the computer scans them. This method is easier and more accurate than the traditional ink and paper method.

Some applicants can have fingerprints that are difficult to read. These fingerprints can be from age or exposure to chemicals or construction work. The most advanced digital screening services maximize the quality of fingerprints and speed up the processing time.

Background Check vs. Fingerprint Background Check

There is a difference between a traditional, non-fingerprint background check and a fingerprint background check. Non-fingerprint checks are not as complete and only run the applicant’s check against commercially available records. Modern digital scans have error rates of less than one percent. They run the searches against FBI and state criminal databases to make the most complete check possible.

If a prospective employer asks for a fingerprint background check, don’t worry. It is a common request now, especially in medical and education fields.

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