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A Mixing Of Mythology & Fantasy for New YA Series Four Citadels

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A Mixing Of Mythology & Fantasy for New YA Series Four Citadels

May 11
22:47 2023
A Mixing Of Mythology & Fantasy for New YA Series Four Citadels

Book one of the series is titled Four Citadels & The Key of Stone authored by Capri Fambro.This new YA fantasy author has received some encouraging reviews like the one below.

“Fambro excels at worldbuilding. The Fifth Plane, for example, houses extravagant structures, such as the Coliseum ofDebate, where voices echo and citadel representatives argue on ‘the great floor’… many characters prove quite appealing,especially Fortune… The author bounces the swiftly paced story around different planes and Earth, but it’s always clear wherenew scenes begin. In the same vein, the plot smoothly progresses as Nikolai and Fianna move closer to the path Destiny haschosen… A brisk, intriguing otherworldly tale…” – Kirkus Reviews

About the Book

Nikolai and Fianna are destined to meet and compete against one another in the gods’ Contest for Conquest, and though theyare immortals themselves they are also quite like their human sophomore classmates. True teenagers struggling betweeninsecurity and overconfidence, pride and humility, selfishness and selflessness, academics, and athletics-a rollercoaster ride ofemotions and choices. This too ordinary sophomore life is about to turn upside down as they are pulled blindly into a gamespringing from arrogant immortals for those they never knew and where their heritage will no longer hide.

About the Author

Capri Fambro draws creative inspiration from writings in mythology, astrology, astronomy, geology, and physics. She lovesreading and exploring possibilities and probabilities. Her writing background began in scientific research and progressed toscript writing. She now focuses all her writing on her new YA fantasy series.

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Book Name: Four Citadels & the Key of Twelve
Author Name: Capri Fambro
ISBN Number: 978-1916622005
Ebook Version: Click Here
Paperback Version: Click Here

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