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Wallacea Coffee: Top Key Player of Wild Civet Coffee Producer

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Wallacea Coffee: Top Key Player of Wild Civet Coffee Producer

May 16
00:25 2023

The hype for civet coffee has spread across the globe and global coffee lovers know how costly it can be. At Wallacea Coffee, they strive to remove the ordinary supply chain which hikes the product’s selling price. 

A new cost-effective direct-trade supply chain model has been introduced to their valued customers, allowing them to supply wild civet coffee directly from the source. From their solid partnerships with domestic coffee farmers, they are able to build an independent supply chain. By removing all middlemen, they end the cycle of paying extra fees for the middlemen. Their customers are now able to get protection from high volatile prices in the market and also a more affordable price when purchasing wild civet coffee.

Based on this solid reason, Wallacea Coffee is able to secure the supply and price of wild civet coffee amidst a giant crowd who is ready to get their hands on it. 

Ethically-Sourced Kopi Luwak Coffee

Wallacea Coffee firmly denies the idea of utilizing Asian palm civets for their profits. Their commitment to sustainability led them to source civet coffee beans only by ethical means. Asian palm civets roam freely in the coffee plantation area with the domestic coffee farmers ready to hand-collect their droppings at regular intervals. This aims to preserve the Asian palm civet’s special diet, which consists of coffee cherries and various fruits. By releasing the Asian palm civets within or around coffee plantation areas, their capability of selecting only high-quality coffee cherries and fruits can be put to good use.

Not only is this method beneficial for the Asian palm civets, but it contributes to add more flavors to the final taste of Kopi Luwak coffee. Wild civet coffee is well-known for its capability to produce different exotic flavors in each batch. Just like wild Kopi Luwak coffee from Wallacea Coffee.

World’s Best-Selling Kopi Luwak Coffee

From Wallacea Coffee’s proven experience of delivering wild Kopi Luwak coffee with a global reach, their products have gained recognition as the world’s best-selling wild civet coffee. Kopi Luwak coffee products from Wallacea Coffee have sold more than 11.000 packs through various e-commerce platforms. It also scores an ever-growing number in recent months after the reviews of the products massively featured on countless websites on the search engine. 

Just recently, Wallacea Coffee launched a wholesale program to expand their online distribution for retailers across the United States. Now, wholesalers get easy access to independently import wild Kopi Luwak coffee directly from the country of origin, Indonesia. Through their website, Wallacea Coffee makes displaying wild Kopi Luwak coffee at retail stores more convenient. Not only do they provide the cheapest price for wholesale Kopi Luwak coffee, but they provide a return and replacement program as reliable protection from any undesirable damage throughout the shipping process.

For more information about Wallacea Coffee and how to become their wholesale partner, just visit them at

About Wallacea Coffee 

Wallacea Coffee is a leading direct-trade coffee supplier in the United States. In the name of authenticity, they consciously sourced wild civet coffee from Gayo coffee plantations in Takengon City, Aceh, Sumatra Island, Indonesia. They have also been supported by the Indonesian government and the Gayo Coffee Protection Society Foundation. Therefore, it is 100% guaranteed that there is no single civet harmed during the production of Kopi Luwak coffee. 

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