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GLAMASDECASA Keeps Traditions Alive With Custom Legacy Aprons

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GLAMASDECASA Keeps Traditions Alive With Custom Legacy Aprons

May 16
05:54 2023
GLAMASDECASA aprons are designed to be passed on, allowing the legacy of love to live on.

GLAMASDECASA is making waves in the industry with its unique approach to preserving cultural traditions. Inspired by heritage, family values, and fashion, GLAMASDECASA takes its name from the word “glam” or glamorous and “amas de casa,” the Spanish word for homemaker.

The brand’s popularity skyrocketed when Shark Tank’s Daymond John recognized the value behind the brand’s mission. According to GLAMASDECASA founder Silvana Ancona, being recognized and having a mentoring session with Daymond John is a huge honor that further motivated her to continue her efforts. It fueled her goal to help more families foster deeper relationships with each other and preserve traditions through her legacy aprons.

It’s no secret that aprons hold a special place in family traditions and culture, often symbolizing a mother or grandmother’s love, comfort, and nurturing spirit. For many, aprons evoke memories of baking cookies and family meals in the kitchen. In some cultures, aprons are passed down from generation to generation, becoming treasured family heirlooms and a tangible link to the past. Unfortunately, changing values and the fast-paced society have diminished the significance of aprons.

GLAMASDECASA aims to keep the tradition alive and celebrate the importance of familial bonds with its selection of legacy aprons. The designs carefully blend fashion and functionality, using high-quality, durable materials to create aprons that can withstand the test of time and be passed down as gifts or family keepsakes. Each apron highlights custom prints made by talented designers, combining vintage styles with modern elements for a feminine and timeless look. All aprons come with a certificate of authenticity and a complimentary story card.

By preserving cultural traditions with their legacy aprons, GLAMASDECASA offers customers the opportunity to connect with their family heritage and create new memories in the kitchen and at home. Loved ones can bond over shared experiences for moments that will last a lifetime.

Silvana hopes that her legacy aprons will remind people of the importance of family and tradition, creating a legacy of love and cherished memories. For Silvana, aprons are more than just a piece of clothing. They represent the love and care that goes into every home-cooked meal and family gathering. They also serve as reminders to slow down and savor the moment, enjoying the simple pleasures of cooking and being with loved ones.

Beyond preserving tradition, GLAMADECASA is also bringing hope to those in need. With every apron sold, a portion of the sales goes to feeding impoverished children in some parts of Argentina, Uruguay, and the US. A part of the proceeds also goes to supporting US veterans and servicemen and women.

Silvana says doing these enables her to live her mother’s dream of helping others while at the same time inspiring others to embrace their family’s culture and tradition.

Explore GLAMASDECASA’s collection of legacy aprons here:

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