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SOBRsafe Brings 21st-Century Technology To Capitalize On Billion Dollar Alcohol Detection Market Opportunities ($SOBR)

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SOBRsafe Brings 21st-Century Technology To Capitalize On Billion Dollar Alcohol Detection Market Opportunities ($SOBR)

May 16
05:24 2023
SOBRsafe Brings 21st-Century Technology To Capitalize On Billion Dollar Alcohol Detection Market Opportunities ($SOBR)

While some companies stick to conventional approaches in the face of technological advancements, others are ushering in revolutionary solutions that could transform an entire field. SOBRsafe (NASDAQ: SOBR) is the latter, with its game-changing alcohol-detection technology platform having the potential to save thousands of lives. In fact, it could be the most influential technology to date to proactively curb alcohol abuse at the workplace, within the justice system, and commercial business. Of course, that benefit trickles down to the general population, where SOBR technology can protect travelers, rideshare clients, and pedestrian traffic.

In other words, SOBR has more than appreciable revenue growth targets in its crosshairs; they are advancing a mission to provide the most important contribution to public and private sector safety in decades. That goal can be achieved through SOBRcheck, a non-invasive alcohol detection system that revolutionizes how companies and institutions manage alcohol use. It’s easy to implement, more accurate and convenient than traditional alcohol detection methods, connects seamlessly to client infrastructures to provide cloud-based real-time reports, and is the only detection platform that utilizes HIPAA-compliant means to measure and report alcohol consumption at the time of testing and continuously throughout the desired measuring period.

Make no mistake; SOBR’s contribution to the space is timely. And that’s more than excellent news for global business and justice communities; it also bodes well for SOBR and its shareholders. That’s because SOBR appears ideally positioned to attack massive revenue-generating opportunities by replacing decades-old traditional alcohol detection technology, like Breathalyzers, with a 21st-century solution that overcomes the many limitations inherent to prior detection technologies.

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A 21st-Century Alcohol-Detection Solution

There are numerous advantages to SOBR’s technology over the industry standard. Foremost, “pre-SOBRcheck” technologies are prone to inaccuracies, require frequent calibration, and can be easily tricked by mouthwash, cologne, or other substances that contain alcohol. They also rely on intrusive and now outdated methods that can lead to dangerous consequences resulting from their typical one-and-done approach to measuring, which can provide false assurances compared to a more continued – even minute-to-minute – monitoring of sobriety. SOBRcheck is changing the rules of engagement and, in absolute terms, is disrupting the traditional alcohol detection technology landscape.

Deservedly so. SOBRcheck offers greater accuracy, convenience, and cost savings than traditional methods while also having the potential to prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities caused by alcohol abuse. The advantages of its platform are highlighted through its differences from traditional approaches. Unlike conventional and invasive detection technologies requiring blood, saliva, or breath, SOBRcheck measures vapors in the skin through a single finger touch to detect the presence of alcohol in the skin’s tissues, providing 93% accuracy compared to traditional devices’ mid-80%. The best part: it’s easy to use by employees or those being monitored, is hygienic, and requires no special training to manage, monitor, and implement. Those features make it accessible for anyone or any company to use.

Many companies already are. And considering the over 243,000 fleet companies in the United States alone, SOBR expects its client list to grow significantly in 2023. The SOBR platform is unique in allowing client companies to generate reports showing it proactively monitors for alcohol use during work, takes actions to remove anyone violating policy, and demonstrates a 100% alcohol-free period of measure. That data can be instrumental in lowering insurance premiums, which can be in the millions for large fleet, production, and transportation companies. Thus, further client adoption appears likely as more companies discover the benefits offered by the platform.

Proactive Deterrence To Alcohol Abuse

Companies are aware of the problems and associated costs of not taking a proactive stance against alcohol use during company hours. At least, they should be. Statistics show that over 50% of workplace accidents are alcohol-related, raising insurance rates across the board. However, that doesn’t need to be the case for all. Showing insurance providers a verifiable and accurate method and intent to curb workplace alcohol consumption can separate them from the pack. SOBR believes it has the perfect platform to help them check that box and prove its commitment to a 100% alcohol-free workplace to an insurance provider. Beyond cost savings, there’s the human element. SOBR believes its technology can contribute to increased productivity, employee retention, and proactive treatment to rehabilitate instead of terminate. 

SOBRsafe CEO Dave Gandini thinks so. He was interviewed last month by veteran broadcaster Jane King, a former correspondent for CNN and Bloomberg Television, current CEO of LilaMax Media, and a consultant to the Wall Street Journal. That interview did more than introduce the CEO and its technology; it made a compelling case for why SOBR technology should be quickly adopted nationwide. The groundwork laid in 2021, 2022, and so far in 2023 indicates that’s the likely path forward. 

In the last year alone, SOBRsafe conducted roughly 2,000 SOBRcheck™ demonstrations that they believe will yield significant new business from the over 600 qualified customer leads. And that’s just for starters. SOBR said it expects to strengthen its sales pipeline further from the over 10,000 introductions made during alcohol and drug-related conferences last year. Notably, a single customer can be worth more than hundreds or thousands in revenues; it can sometimes deliver millions – and that potential may be in play from deals already signed.

Accretive Revenue-Generating Deals In-Play 

Those include agreements with Continental Services, Michigan’s largest food management company, Terra Tech, a major oil and gas services provider, and Alternatives, Inc., its first justice market customer, facilitating entry into corrections and re-entry client markets. Those deals demonstrate how current agreements get more significant, with each client expanding original terms to place SOBR technology at additional company locations. Other value drivers are contributing to 2023 optimism. 

SOBR announced a deal outsourcing manufacturing and customer support to minimize fixed costs and maximize quality and scalability, signing deals with BGM Electronic Services and Helm, respectively. BGM will manage SOBRsafe’s design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing, with SOBR getting a potential boost in popularity from possible introductions to BGM clients, including GM (NYSE: GM), Ford (NYSE: F), and Stellantis (NASDAQ: STLA). Helm can offer similar benefits as an exceptional partner company managing the packaging, fulfillment, onboarding, and customer service details. Its clients include sector giants Domino’s (NYSE: DMZ), Merrell, and BMW. Those moves should expedite revenues falling faster to the bottom line, so keep this in mind when appraising SOBR. 

Agreements between smallcaps and companies of the sizes above generally don’t come easy. SOBR had help, and it’s a result of their own work. Helping establish connections is the value inherent to SOBRcheck™ and its embedded technology. Further credibility was granted as SOBR was awarded the Occupational Health & Safety 2022 New Product of the Year – Safety Monitoring Devices, as well as the Child Safety Network Safe Family Seal of Approval. Given the many advantages of SOBRcheck, those accolades aren’t surprising.

Differences Are Value-Driving Advantages

It’s a genuine case where product and platform differences also serve as competitive advantages. SOBRcheck™ requires no blood sample or for one to forcefully blow into a tube for up to 30 seconds. Instead, it uses finger-touch technology that analyzes the natural humidity and vapor of the skin and generates 93% accuracy within 10 seconds, besting more traditional and current detection technology that provides low to mid 80% accuracy. That’s the device side of the equation. Its SaaS services are equally impressive.

SOBR is monetizing that value, too, already signing SaaS agreements in the fleet and facility spaces, including with a Top 100 Property & Casualty insurance company to test the technology with fleet customers. If results confirm expectations, this unnamed but A-Rated carrier may consider embedding SOBRsafe as a safety solution for customer discounts. While no numbers were provided to model for revenues, A-Rated carriers typically have a substantial customer base. That count, coupled with the push by the NTSB and other public and private sector agencies and companies wanting to limit liability and create safe working environments, could generate substantial new revenue streams and higher share prices supported by industry valuation multiples. 

That’s a likely trajectory, noting that product and SaaS deals with oil and gas services provider Terra Tech could lead to more extensive opportunities. Success there could expedite SOBR penetrating the sector, with statistics showing oil and gas industry workers experience the highest rate of binge drinking. In other words, the deal with Terra Tech could be the first of many in the space, especially with validation at Terra Tech justifying the implementation of SOBRcheck™ or its SaaS product into significantly more industry companies.

An Infrastructure To Seize Upon Emerging Opportunities

SOBRsafe is reaching the milestones needed to turn its ambition into dollars. Since 2022, SOBR has tripled its in-house sales staff, adding specialists in justice, commercial fleet, and captive insurance. Additionally, SOBR deployed its “force multiplier” distributor strategy, leveraging groups’ trust-based relationships with alcohol detection buyers, intending to accelerate SOBRcheck™ sales to early adopters and innovators at no fixed cost to SOBRsafe. By the end of 2022, that work resulted in SOBR signing deals with 10 distributors, aligning them with 30 U.S. sales professionals, approximately 525 established customers, and up to 52,000 potential users.

That work is immediately accretive to growth. But all the attention can’t be on the potential of SOBRcheck. Additional value drivers include SOBRsure™, its wearable alcohol detection and monitoring device. Like it is for SOBRcheck™, interest in this device is expected to be robust. Evidence of that is a deal announced last July whereby an innovative in-home, comprehensive alcohol treatment program submitted a pre-order for 1,150 white-label bands. In addition, a specialized, member-based rideshare company committed to equipping its rigorously vetted drivers with SOBRsure™ upon the band’s commercial launch. From there, opportunities could be in play from a massive school-bus driver and services market where sober driving is paramount to those companies’ missions to keep children safe. 

Notably, the revenues in play could be staggering. And that’s a near-term proposition, with SOBR announcing the availability of the wristband at scale in Q3, with pre-orders of SOBRsure available now. Interest is expected to swell in the meantime. Remember, SOBRsure™ is a continuous monitoring device providing real-time data to those interested. More simply, those monitoring, including parents, don’t just get a single snapshot in time; they are provided updated data that can’t be tampered with. Most important, unlike locking devices and other immobilizers, SOBRsure is affordable and easy to maintain. 

Expanding Its Market Presence

Incidentally, SOBR’s growth results from reaching beyond borders. SOBR announced signing a software as a service (SaaS) agreement with the Fox Group, based in British Columbia, Canada, and with operations in the United States. The Fox Group is a leader in North American commercial driver education, counting Provincial Driver Training Institute (PDTI), North Shore Driving School (North Shore), and Fox Professional Driver Training Centers (FoxPro) among its portfolio holdings. SOBR said The Fox Group will initially install the SOBRcheck alcohol detection technology in select Canadian locations, potentially expanding that implementation to cover its entire training organization of over 3,500 employees and all student drivers. This initial agreement could lead to significant others. The Fox Group noted it’s further evaluating SOBRsafe’s technology for uniform installation across all portfolio holdings and for recommendation to its customers.

SOBRsafe also signed a deal with global distributor Alco Prevention Canada. Founded in 1989, Alco is a leading provider of preventative alcohol detection solutions, selling to more than 5,000 customers across 45 countries. The deal immediately contributes to new revenue streams inherent to Alco purchasing SOBRcheck™ inventory, executing a defined plan, and dedicating resources to launch SOBRsafe’s ground-breaking touch-based technology in Canada. Alco said it performed nearly 100 tests on the device, proving it was easy to operate and highly accurate. Impressed by its potential, they expect substantial demand for SOBRcheck™ technology worldwide. There’s more fueling the bullish proposition.

SOBRsafe announced signing a software-as-a-service agreement with a prominent Native American tribe, a self-governing nation serving thousands of members in the United States. Terms call for initially implementing the SOBRcheck™ technology to ensure its transit fleet is 100% alcohol-free. Like its others, this deal can get bigger faster, noting that it could open pathways to additional implementations across other critical, safety-sensitive functions and potentially expedite SOBR earning further business from among the 574 tribal nations in the United States. 

Milestones To Catalysts In 2023

All told, the case for higher SOBR share prices is solid. That argument is getting stronger with each deal made, SOBR bringing additional products to market, and from a legislative climate insisting measures be put in place to curb a national problem. But it’s more than just serving a massive market opportunity that makes SOBRsafe an attractive company; the real value driver is that SOBR technology is better than others and, in many ways, can benefit those adopting and implementing the platform.

From dollars preserved to lives saved, SOBR demonstrates that being an innovator goes beyond the benefit to itself. They show that changing an industry is possible and that better ideas are still the drivers of growth. In that sense, SOBR is an emerging company too good to ignore. And inherent to that, after appraising its assets, either singularly or as a whole, so is the disconnect between price, performance, and potential.



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