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What are the cosmetic preservatives in the skin care products

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What are the cosmetic preservatives in the skin care products

May 19
13:40 2023

The skin care products we use every day basically contain a certain amount of preservatives, because we live in the same world with bacteria, so the possibility of infection by external bacteria is also a lot, and most consumers are very difficult to do aseptic operation, so when using skin care products are also very easy to be attacked by bacteria.

The preservatives in the skin care products can also play a long time preservation effect in addition to the inhibition of bacteria, but the preservatives also have a certain harm to the skin, is easy to appear skin allergic reaction, easy to cause redness, stinging, acne-causing phenomenon, serious may also be blistered, skin cracking and other phenomena.

But the general formal skin care products added preservatives, are the requirements of its content are in line with strict regulations, generally will not appear to cause cancer or poisoning reaction.

However, I still recommend that when choosing cosmetics, try to choose cosmetics that contain fewer preservatives, sensitive skin, acne-prone pro, please also avoid cosmetics containing acne-causing, allergy-causing ingredients. So in the skin care products we often use, what preservatives exist?

The more common ones:

1. Imidazolidinyl urea

2. Endo-urea

3. Isothiazolinone

4. Nipagin ester (paraben)

5. Quaternary ammonium salt-15

6. Benzoic acid/benzyl alcohol and derivatives preservatives, alcohols and derivatives preservatives

7. Benzoic acid / sodium benzoate / potassium sorbate

8. Bronopol (Bronopol)

9. Triclosan (Triclosan)

10. Phenoxyethanol (Phenoxyethanol) Phenoxyethanol is a preservative with low skin sensitivity and is the most widely used preservative in cosmetics.It does not mean that it is good to have no preservatives in cosmetics. If there are no preservatives, cosmetics are generally used for about 6 months after opening. There are certain preservatives, it is best to phenoxyethanol, or other similar preservatives, or plant ingredients with preservative function, preservative ingredients are best in the last point of all ingredients, so that the content is less, more assured.

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