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Rejuran aggressively marketed with large billboard advertisements at Incheon International Airport duty-free shops

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Rejuran aggressively marketed with large billboard advertisements at Incheon International Airport duty-free shops

May 19
19:48 2023
Duty-free marketing over the Southeast Asia’s ‘April Golden Holiday’… also present ‘Korean Edition’ of Rejuran Cosmetics

With Korean duty-free sales exceeding 1 trillion won after the end of the pandemic in February, the distribution industry is attracting tourists for the Southeast Asian holidays, Holy Week in the Philippines and Thai Songkran.

PharmaResearch’s brand “Rejuran Cosmetics · Inner Dot” will also launch a large-scale marketing campaign in Incheon International Airport’s Terminal 1 duty-free zone in line with this demand.

“Rejuran Cosmetics · Inner Dot” will showcase product descriptions and demonstrations through “influencer livestreams” in each country. The event will introduce Rejuran products directly on social media platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, and Instagram. This will help connect potential customers in China, Southeast Asia, and Japan, ultimately leading to sales.

In addition to cosmetics, Japanese and Southeast Asian customers interested in inner beauty will also be introduced to Rejuran Inner Dot Jelly. “Rejuran Inner Dot” is the first inner beauty product from PharmaResearch, containing three elements of the dermis (collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid) and salmon DNA in one packet. The product’s green grape and apple flavor make it a great option for an everyday snack that customers can enjoy.

According to officials from duty-free shops, “the market for duty-free items is expanding beyond cosmetics and now includes a focus on inner beauty…as the demand for skin health foods and functional foods around young people increases, the inner beauty market will continue to grow.”

Rejuran Cosmetics’ “Korean edition” package is available at the Grand Duty-Free store in Terminal 1. The package includes Rejuran’s signature products, “Turnover Ample” and “Turnover Dual Effect Ample,” upgraded with a Korean design to promote Korean beauty.

A PharmaResearch official stated, “The surge in duty-free shop sales that began with issuing short-term visas for Chinese visitors has now been further boosted by the increased visitors from Southeast Asia, resulting in significant sales growth. The company had already aimed to expand the market in Southeast Asian countries since before the COVID-19 pandemic, and we will actively use various content such as influencer broadcasting and product demonstration to attract more sales.”

PharmaResearch is a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company based on regenerative medicine that manufactures and distributes pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, cosmetic products, and functional foods, primarily DOT™ PDRN and DOT™ PN, which are materials for tissue regeneration. Representative products include Rejuran®, Conjuran®, Rejuran Cosmetics, Re-an® eye drops, and Rejuderma®.

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