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Le Marche Enchant Times Square: New Tourism Campaign Illuminates New York

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Le Marche Enchant Times Square: New Tourism Campaign Illuminates New York

May 24
17:55 2023

Le Marche, the hidden gem of Italy, takes center stage at Times Square, the vibrant heart of New York, in the captivating campaign “Marche: Italy’s Best Kept Secret.” The breathtaking landscapes of this region will grace the large displays scattered throughout Times Square, captivating the attention of over 450,000 daily passersby.

Created in collaboration with the Marche Region by Visit Italy, the foremost independent channel for promoting Italy globally, this campaign has already garnered over half a million social media views within its first 15 days. The objective is to attract an increasing number of international travelers, leveraging the growth in foreign arrivals witnessed in the past two years, with a staggering presence of 1,714,808 foreigners in the region in 2023.

The campaign’s short videos serve as direct hits to their target: Times Square, the epitome of bustling city life. They have been artfully crafted to showcase the authenticity and beauty of Le Marche, aiming to introduce viewers to the region’s cultural heritage, pristine nature, delectable cuisine, and warm hospitality. The “Marche: disconnect your mind” campaign presents an unparalleled opportunity to unveil the marvels of Le Marche to the global audience, promoting the region in an original and engaging manner.

The campaign’s success lies not only in its visually stunning displays but also in its strategic online presence. Social media platforms have played a crucial role in spreading the enchantment of Le Marche to a broader audience. Through captivating photographs, engaging videos, and compelling storytelling, the campaign has succeeded in capturing the imagination of travelers worldwide.

Moreover, the Marche Region’s website and Visit Italy’s official site provide comprehensive information about the campaign, offering visitors a deeper insight into the region’s attractions and inviting them to explore further.

The projection at Times Square is just the beginning of this exciting campaign. As the word spreads and more people become aware of the wonders that Le Marche has to offer, the region is poised to see a significant influx of visitors seeking an authentic Italian experience. With its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and warm hospitality, Le Marche is ready to enchant and captivate travelers from around the world.

To catch a glimpse of the first projection at Times Square, click on this link:

For more information about the campaign, please visit the Marche Region’s website or Visit Italy’s official site. Start planning your unforgettable journey to Le Marche today and embark on a remarkable adventure through one of Italy’s best-kept secrets.

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