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ACTX Announces Special Program for California Farmers Impacted by Severe Weather and Flooding

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ACTX Announces Special Program for California Farmers Impacted by Severe Weather and Flooding

May 25
00:37 2023
ACTX Announces Special Program for California Farmers Impacted by Severe Weather and Flooding
GrowPods – transportable controlled environment farms – will be made available to operators of damaged farm land at discounted prices. Program will help farmers rapidly get back on their feet and re-enable growing of leafy greens, fruits and vegetables.

Advanced Container Technologies, Inc (Ticker: ACTX), announced that a special discount program on GrowPods – specially designed, transportable controlled environment farms – for farmers dealing with extreme weather conditions and flooding in California.

Most of the country’s lettuce and leafy greens come from California’s Salinas Valley, where atmospheric rivers have obliterated local farms. According to NPR, the Salinas Valley, which is often dubbed, “America’s Salad Bowl,” supplies more than 60% of the country’s lettuce.

Fox News reported that heavy rains sent creeks over their banks, saturated soils and stressed the aging levee system. FOX Weather calculated that the entire state received a mind-boggling 32 trillion gallons of rain in just 3 weeks.

Flooded crops are a total loss to farmers as food safety requirements mandate that any edible portion of a plant exposed to floodwaters must be destroyed. Floodwaters carry debris and contaminants. The requirement came to be after a 2006 E. coli outbreak sickened 204 people and killed 3.

GrowPods from ACTX may provide help to farmers desperate to begin growing in order to earn a living. GrowPods are portable, enclosed, controlled environment hydroponic farms that can be located virtually anywhere. GrowPods are especially good at growing leafy greens, and production output is greater than traditional dirt farming. Additionally, plants are protected from pesticides, contaminants and run-off. 

Typically, GrowPods will yield nutrient-dense leafy greens in far greater quantities than traditional farming methods, with more harvests per year, and rapid nutrient uptake so plants grow faster and larger.

CBS News says the rain washing out California farms will mean higher prices in the grocery store. GrowPods may help reduce the reduce the shortage and improve farmers’ revenues while strengthening the nation’s food supply.

For information on GrowPods, or the special program for weather and flood-impacted farmers, call ACTX at: (951) 381-2555 or visit:

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