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New York City Child Support Lawyer Juan Luciano Sheds Light on When Child Support Ends

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New York City Child Support Lawyer Juan Luciano Sheds Light on When Child Support Ends

October 13
23:05 2023
New York City Child Support Lawyer Juan Luciano Sheds Light on When Child Support Ends

New York City child support lawyer Juan Luciano (, of the law office of Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer, has recently published an enlightening article titled ‘When Does Child Support End?’. This comprehensive piece provides valuable insights into the various factors that influence the termination of child support obligations, a topic that often poses significant challenges to both custodial and noncustodial parents.

As a leading New York City child support lawyer, Juan Luciano understands the intricacies of child support laws in the state. “Child support is a complex area of law governed by both state and federal mandates, and understanding when these obligations end requires more than just a review of statutory guidelines,” Luciano explains. “It often involves nuanced legal interpretation and, in some cases, court intervention.”

According to the New York City child support lawyer, child support typically lasts until the child reaches the age of majority. However, New York differs from many other states, as the age of majority for child support purposes is 21, not 18. The obligation can also be extended beyond this age for children with special needs.

“The standard age for the termination of child support in New York is 21. Yet, there are exceptions that can either end child support obligations before the child turns 21 or extend them beyond this age,” Luciano adds. “For instance, child support may end if the child marries, enters full-time employment, becomes economically independent, or enters active military service.”

On the other hand, for children with special needs, child support may continue indefinitely as New York law recognizes that some children may never be fully able to support themselves due to physical or mental disabilities. “Courts can order child support to continue as long as the disability existed before the child turned 21. The determination of support in these cases is usually based on the child’s needs, the parents’ ability to pay, and what is necessary to maintain the child’s standard of living,” Luciano explains.

Luciano’s article also highlights the importance of understanding the role of the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) in New York, which is responsible for collecting and distributing child support payments and enforcing child support orders when noncustodial parents fail to pay.

Luciano emphasizes the necessity of careful planning and legal assistance when preparing for child support termination. “The termination of child support is a significant event that requires careful preparation and planning. It’s not just a matter of ceasing payments; many factors need to be considered to ensure a smooth transition for all involved parties.”

For those dealing with the complexities of child support termination in New York, consulting with a seasoned child support lawyer can make a significant difference. 

About Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer:

Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer is a prominent New York City law firm that handles a wide range of family law issues, including divorce, child custody, child support, and more. The firm’s approach is rooted in a deep understanding of New York family law and a commitment to advocating for the best interests of both the child and the parents. Led by Juan Luciano, a seasoned New York City child support lawyer, the team is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of child support laws in the state and provide clients with the guidance they need.


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