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Elaine A. Phillips Examines the Power of Faith in “With God Nothing Is Impossible: Walking in the Way”

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Elaine A. Phillips Examines the Power of Faith in “With God Nothing Is Impossible: Walking in the Way”

October 13
23:11 2023

CENTERVILLE, MO – October 13, 2023 – Elaine A. Phillips, a renowned author, has released a second edition to her book, “With God Nothing Is Impossible: Walking in the Way,” a compelling exploration of biblical women’s stories that demonstrate God’s unwavering faithfulness during challenging times. The book emphasizes that even in the face of heartbreak, injustice, and uncertainty, believers can find solace in the knowledge that God is always present and guiding them through.

Phillips delves into the lives of various biblical women, highlighting their struggles, faith, and the lessons they offer for contemporary readers. She writes, “. . . a foundational theme of the Bible is the perfect and powerful goodness and unfailing love of God. Biblical characters, with all their wounds and scars, were living illustrations that there was a bigger and more majestic tapestry and they were part of it. So are we. Nothing was or is outside God’s active care for his children.”

The book is filled with profound insights and quotes that resonate deeply with readers. “God’s majestic design included Egyptian women, the daughter of a Midianite priest, and a very bold Canaanite living in Jericho. These women crossed class boundaries – from the wife of an Egyptian official as well as the daughter of Pharaoh to a prostitute who offered a safe hiding place to Israelites. Many of these women were exemplary and courageous; some were not. No surprise there!”

Phillips’ work has garnered positive reviews from readers.. “Dr. Phillips takes some familiar biblical stories about women and reveals how little we have been paying attention. To the culture in which they reside, to be sure. But to the implications for those of us who seek to be faithful today. Rarely have I seen ‘story’ and ‘knowledge’ so beautifully joined. Rarer still have I been so graciously taught. To the author, as well as her subjects, I am deeply grateful.” according to a review from Amazon.

The book is suitable for  diverse audiences, including national women’s Bible study movements such as Precept Ministries, Bible Study Fellowship, and She Reads Truth. It  also will appeal to spiritual life leaders on college campuses, Christian College Coalition, Christian Study Centers, and home schoolers.

Phillips emphasizes the importance of understanding and embracing God’s design, even when faced with very contemporary cultural challenges. She writes, “How do we uphold what we know to be God’s design for our children when the entire surrounding culture beckons them to pursue fun, instant gratification, and intense excitement? I do not have easy answers here. In fact, my readers will do much better than I, but as I think back over families whose children have navigated those treacherous waters safely, I have observed several patterns that revolve around nurturing joy and gratitude.”

The book is available for purchase on Deep River Books and Amazon.

About Elaine A. Phillips 

Elaine A. Phillips is a distinguished author with a passion for unwrapping the profound lessons embedded within biblical stories. Her latest book, “With God Nothing Is Impossible: Walking in the Way,” is a testament to her deep understanding of scripture and her ability to convey its timeless messages to modern readers.

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